Busy busy…

Just a quick update before bed.
I finally posted Saturdays blog today (see previous)
Since then I have been mainly on the machine creating beautiful things.
The shatta multicoloured fabric has become my Inari by named clothing.
I will do a full review but honestly such a beutiful piece and I enjoyed making it.
My stretch denim (that turned up sunday) became a gorgeous schoolhouse tunic. Again I have notes to type up about those and pictures to model for.
I have realised that I am blogging without mentioning The Great British Sewing Bee! Strange how it’s been running alongside my major sewing journey.  I just love it,  I love Esme and Patrick is as Dashing as always! And who else could be as mad a Claudia… I have total fringe and eyeliner envy for that girl!
I was backing the Irish girl to win (sorry her name escapes me) but since her departure Jade is my no.1. I love Joyce too as I feel I have the exact same approach to sewing as she,  but Jade does make things that I myself would wear.  Cannot believe it is last one next week.
Keeping me busy this week was also making patterns. I joint the site Papavero.pl and it has loads of free patterns and tutorials to match. Yes it is in Polish and Google page translate is a bit of a bugger, just attack it with common sense and you will be fine.

Also if you don’t follow me on instagram please do I am addicted and more visual than tappy tappy blogger. Plus I have a twitter now too. (Links all over the page)

Add me. You know how much you want to nosey.

To do list now is…
Put poppers on shirt dress when popper press arrives.
Collars on Inari and Purple dress to finish.
Pick fabric to tackle a lot ty (currently waiting for 2 options)
Order what I actually need, not just what I want: black chiffon, black crepe for Aphrodite pattern and maybe a metre of lace for the back panel.

Busy, busy, busy… but I love it.

P.s do you like my header? It was a bit of a random one but it is all things from my sewing box and my set of stamps. I hope it looks cool enough…

D-day and Mini Christmas:

All the deliveries turned up today.  Well 4, i still have a few coming.

I had hoped the partner would not be present, unfortunately he answered the door. Luckily he doesn’t really mind…it keeps me quiet. I just feel bad because it looks bad when SO much turns up at once.

What I got and From where:

Obviously, if you are here from my Instagram, you have seen the photos, but heres the list:

The Fabric Godmother was my biggest order of the day:


  • Top Left: Grey Daze Satin @ £7.99 per metre.
  • Top Right: Wave Jaquard Jersey @ £8.99 per metre
  • Bottom Left: Multicoloured Shatta Jersey @£7.99
  • I AM PATTERNS: Aphrodite Dress @ £13.50

Shipping was a flat rate of £2.50, which is good for the chubby parcel I got.  I am so happy with all of my purchases, the shatta fabric is my favourite.  I was pleasently suprised with the Jaquard Jersey as it is nice and fat and thick, plus the reverse is just screaming out for a turned up cuff or a reverse insert:


I cannot recommend these guys enough, I am totally going to be a return customer.  They have some AMAZING pieces and the website is neat and lovely.

Backstitch was another order, this time only a pattern but I had a good look at their fabrics whilst there and I am very impressed.  Future purchase alert after I make a dent in my stash.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will see that I have the named clothing Inari Tee dress and the Lottie.

Can’t wait to get going.

Long Time Coming…

I thought that I would document my journey into sewing, but for those who follow me on Instagram know that I have been at it for a while now.  My twitter was started in march and only posted the second tweet today… bear with me guys!

The best way to get something done is by starting… so here it is.  I shouldn’t be short of things to type as I am a prolific sewer AND I have a back log of garments to talk about.

Its been an interesting journey so far, fed up with never finding things I liked in shops and resenting paying out for decent basics that were never quite right has motivated me to make my own clothes.  I have always sewn, but it was more of a necessity than a hobby (seat covers, curtains, repairs etc)  During my Uni days I played around with sewing as a medium and had some great results, again it was something separate, not something I incorporated into the everyday.

Making your own clothing is a strange thing, and quite a brave first step.  I do have to admit i was rather snobby about people who wore their own creations, and in my defence i had good reason:  Sometimes it can be quite ‘Frumpy’ and so far apart from fashion. I would imagine older women attaching fabric flowers to green tweed and fox patterned items, I imagined Linens and layers… luckily a quick search on Instagram introduced me to many women and men, like myself, who made things that I wanted to wear too.

So here I am, 4 months in, a bulging fabric stash, a wardrobe full of new clothes and patterns coming through the door almost daily!

My main love is Instagram, I love posting and looking as I am a very visual person, but this blog will make me focus more, maybe think things through a little, by writing in down before it flutters away.

Hope you enjoy