D-day and Mini Christmas:

All the deliveries turned up today.  Well 4, i still have a few coming.

I had hoped the partner would not be present, unfortunately he answered the door. Luckily he doesn’t really mind…it keeps me quiet. I just feel bad because it looks bad when SO much turns up at once.

What I got and From where:

Obviously, if you are here from my Instagram, you have seen the photos, but heres the list:

The Fabric Godmother was my biggest order of the day:


  • Top Left: Grey Daze Satin @ £7.99 per metre.
  • Top Right: Wave Jaquard Jersey @ £8.99 per metre
  • Bottom Left: Multicoloured Shatta Jersey @£7.99
  • I AM PATTERNS: Aphrodite Dress @ £13.50

Shipping was a flat rate of £2.50, which is good for the chubby parcel I got.  I am so happy with all of my purchases, the shatta fabric is my favourite.  I was pleasently suprised with the Jaquard Jersey as it is nice and fat and thick, plus the reverse is just screaming out for a turned up cuff or a reverse insert:


I cannot recommend these guys enough, I am totally going to be a return customer.  They have some AMAZING pieces and the website is neat and lovely.

Backstitch was another order, this time only a pattern but I had a good look at their fabrics whilst there and I am very impressed.  Future purchase alert after I make a dent in my stash.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will see that I have the named clothing Inari Tee dress and the Lottie.

Can’t wait to get going.

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