Made by Me: Sewliberated – Schoolhouse Tunic


Made By Me:  The Sewliberated Schoolhouse Tunic

This is the Picture that made me love this dress.  I just love this look, especially with the boots, its effortless chic and simple.  I have yet to find the exact same/as near as possible fabric as the picture, but i will as it is SEW perfect.

Being so impatient (sew impatient?) and not wanting to wait for the post, I downloaded it and printed it.  I don’t mind the PDF format but I like having a collection of neat patterns in their sleeves, although I do really enjoy pattern piecing together.  Its kind of therapeutic in a methodical kinda of way, like flat packs ( I love flat packs too… people have told me that i am crazy until they need help making one!)

I went for a light denim stretch that I had ordered online, With black and grey tonal flowers.  Yes i am aware that it is summer, but I like having something for the colder days.

This was bought from the textile centre but through their ebay store.  They have a very impressive collection at amazing prices, I have ordered some more that are still to be delivered (again through ebay).



A note about the fit, i measured myself and found that i was just short of the top size.  i panicked and added an inch each side.  I DID NOT NEED THIS.  I ended up cutting it off and just sewing the normal size, with room to spare.  So don’t panic if the same happens to you, maybe test it out with a toile.  Another note on sizing :  I am very short, this dress was the perfect length… taller ladies remember it is a tunic and adjust acordingly.


Here you can see the inch added to the pattern in chalk, it was later cut off)

This is a relatively simple sew, any beginner could pick this up, and it dosn’t look simple when finished, with the pleats and hem.  I found it a complete joy to sew and the instructions have beautiful little hand drawn diagrams that I just adore.

This is the finished product:

I am just in love with it.  I love how the bust is so suited to girls with boobs, and i always wear vests underneath anyway.  The pleats are just divine, and the fabric just skims over any lumps and bumps. I chose the elasticated arms and I think this may be something I will incorporate into other patterns as I love the look on.

Ideally i would pair this with some boots like the girl in the pic, but hey i am trying to force summer on myself with the sandals.  For an even more casual and easier look i would probably chuck it on over a classic black legging.

Overall, i think that i have found a new fave pattern.  Some of my fabric stash that i have tagged for other projects is now being reconsidered for this.  I have a beautiful light cotton paisley print that is begging to be a Schoolhouse tunic.  Its just a matter of time….

If you need more inspo I spent more time that I care to share looking at other peoples on instagram!   I suggest you do the same.


Until the next sew



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