The Great British Sewing Bee – Thoughts



Strangely, this years Sewing Bee coincided with my rush of sewing enthusiasm, and has been a constant source of inspiration these past couple of months.  That said, I was heavily invested emotionally in this series, and yes I have an opinion on the Finale.  I have waited till today to rant, giving myself a cool off period so i can (somewhat) coherently express what is bugging me.

I am so disappointed with the winner.. Sorry but I am.  Albeit, I was more Team Jade, followed closely by Team Joyce than Team Charlotte, but I had my reasons.

In fairness I did feel it was a hard decision, each seemed to have equal amounts of pros and cons in different skill sets.  And before I go on, i am not attacking anyone on their skills, as we saw everyone worked their darnedest!

There really isn’t a nice way to say this, but how can she win when every item of clothing she wore during the show was AWFUL, giving MeMade and DIY wardrobe a BAD NAME!  And this is not even mentioning the slippers… for the sake of this blog post, lets just drop the issue of the slippers and pretend they never happened.  Every time I saw her I just hated her outfits, the patterns were gaudy and unsuitable, and the fact she never brushed her hair just added to the eccentric sewer stereotype.  You guys may think i am mean, and in a way I am (every time she did something wrong I found myself pleasantly pleased… ) but all this stems from my passion for sewing:  Design and home craft sewing seem so separated, when essentially they should go hand in hand.  Good design and Fashion can be a big part of home sewing, like i am desperately trying to convey.  Unfortunately this has to trudge through the path set by the women before and is littered with frumpy frocks and ghastly prints, and the dreaded fabric flowers…. GOD save us from those fabric flowers!  Unfortunately, for me Charlotte was all these things…

That’s why I was mainly on Team Jade.  She made things that one would wear, things that you can imagine in a Topshop or H&M.  Things you wouldn’t necessarily know where HOMEMADE!  Plus her choice of fabrics were top notch. Believe me I know how hard it can sometimes be to track down a fabric that is modern and far removed from dowdy as possible!  (Note:  this is something I will constantly moan about in this blog)

‘Oh but you are being ageist against the older woman!’

Urm no, because you guys do not understand HOW MUCH I LOVED JOYCE!  Honestly that woman is a pure sewing Veteran! I absolutely adored her and secretly hoped she would win.  She comes from an age before fast fashion, I loved listening to her antics in the Retro episode, I think she really came into her own there.  Here is a woman who had sewing threaded throughout her life in many different forms, yet as a constant.  What I liked about her is that you know she sews, yet its not every aspect of her life.  I could honestly park up my machine next to her and just listen to her go on about her past makes for hours!  She is such a Darling.


The only issue I had with this year is the time it was on… 9pm – 9.30pm, depending on what interrupted it, seemed a little late.  I would prefer a prime time slot like the Great British bake off has of 8pm.  The Good:  Again they nailed it this year with the return of Queen of the Kohl, Claudia Winklemen.  I have such eyeliner envy for this woman it is unreal.  She also proved she could wear anything when she put on the ski suit!  Patrick was as dashing as ever, i really enjoyed some of the cheeky longing shots they did of him.  Someone on the editing team at the BBC is in the know!  And the pairing of him and Esme was just divine!  Not only did the height difference make them The Two Ronnies of the sewing world, but they bounced off each other brilliantly.  Esme held her own, I loved how she was so feisty and her dress sense was amazing, that necklace on the world challenge episode and the coat for the finale are my faves!

Although there is something familiar about Esme…


SO all in all I am disappointed with the end, but that is a small percentage in comparison to the amount of joy the series has bought me.  I am gonna watch it all again this week, and if I can find the old series, I am gonna watch them too.  Who knows, a re watch might make me like Charlotte a bit more, maybe see the greatness that the judges though she had when they crowned her the winner….

Or I will just see those slippers and my senses will be offended all over again!


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