Pattern Repeat: Inari Tee Dress

Pattern Repeat: Inari Tee

I have a feeling I may make one in every colour. This dress is ridiculously comfortable and looks great, even if you just chuck it on quick with some glasses and a messy bun.

The first attempt was made from a very thin Jersey, as I was in desperate need of some thin clothing for the impending, but delayed, British heat wave.  I have very little suitable and comfortable summer clothing and seem to stock pile items i love, some I have had 3-4 years.  Good basics can be hard to come by, hence my attempt at making them.

The fabric I chose for the second attempt was a thicker, more structured Mid Weight Quilted Cloqué Jersey.  I had purchased this not particularly knowing what to do with it, but knowing I wanted it, from the Textile Centre along with some other bits.

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Please ignore the poesy pics, sometimes it can be a difficult task photographing ones self.  The strange little waving pic is me showing off my skull bangle from Fou Jewellery, as well as my simple skull necklace (both silver)

The dress is more than just an oversized tee, with the structured fabric it feels much more.  The quality is lovely and the stiffness on the sleeves with the band really make them stand out, giving a lovely shape.  I love the white, but it isn’t boring due to the texture.

I have worn this out already, and even though it was hot where i was, the slight thickness of the fabric was not an issue.  And yes, i made it through the day with no spills (i even had a red slush puppy ffs) up until i had an ice cream… then i dripped chocolate down it.  To be fair, that is an achievement for someone as messy as me.

I have already planned to explore Brocade with this pattern, just trying to fins one that has a simple or no pattern that is suitable for my colour pallette.

Added bonus: Photos of my first attempt:

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Totally loving my new pink hair, I look like a cross between fluttershy and a jigglypuff!



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