Update: September

So in a flash, August shot by.   Before Bank holiday I was away, Bank holiday I was Busy, and having my partner off for two weeks (ending Monday) and a baby birthday party has meant little time for blogging as everything else gets in the way.  Surprisingly i have sewn quite a bit, sewing takes priority over anything else.  Unfortunately, having my partner around doesn’t mean I get to do all the sewing I want though.  The wee man is still scared of the noise of my sewing machine and waves ‘bye-bye’ to it when i just move it.  Plus, having my partner here means we get the decorating done.  Nothing major, just sprucing up the place, sorting out the kitchen with some budget second hand furniture and just making our space work for our ever changing needs.  We also now have (on long term loan) a tumble dryer.  I know that they are naughty, but I refuse to be like my mother and live like Mrs. Wishy Washy with clothes EVERYWHERE inside all winter, drives me mad.

The next few days I hope to get through my to do list.  We still have some decorating to do which involves one of us holding the baby whilst the other tries to cause as little disruption to the house as possible.

I am going to try to bulk blog, but as soon as i start writing about something, i kinda want to sew.

My PDF pile has grown, they are all printed and ready to be glued together.  Today I got two different Legging patterns, so I will talk about them when they are tried and tested.

If any of you are on Instagram, I am loving the #sewphotohop days at the mo.  Rachel from House of Pinheiro is one of the people I stalk daily.  Not only is she supermodel tall and beautiful, she has been a great source of inspo on my sewing.  Check it out and post along, its addictive.  I love how I am also adding people daily to follow, i love nosing at Instagram!

Okay, back to blogging about sewing….




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