Made By Me: Colette Patterns Moneta x2!

Oh Moneta, what a wonderful simple sew you are!  I feel that despite no darts around the bust, this dress is close to perfect.  I think I have found my go to skater style dress.


The Pattern itself is beautiful, I love the perfect blend of a vintage feeling piece, yet feels modern.  It is still one of my faves, I love how it feels like a book but has the pattern tucked in the back.  The instructions are simple, and well designed, the paper and texture of the cover give a vintage feel.

The sew itself was ridiculously simple, My first attempt was the version with the 3/4 length sleeves.  The material I chose was not one that was recommended, but I felt comfortable using for this pattern with my level of experience.  I SHOULD have included maybe an extra 1-2cm to even out the fabric not having too much stretch, but once on it didn’t look too snug and actually complimented the boobs a bit more.  The fabric was a slight stretch graphic print that I found in a dump bin for £5.  I got about 2-3 metres ish but it was roughly sewn together, so i had a mission to cut the pattern out around it.

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At first I was unsure of the print ( I am unsure of all print to be fair…) but i felt it had a modern feel, like it could possibly be found in a Topshop as part of a collection.  Then I questioned my use of it on a more traditional silhouette, i was considering a shift or smock top.  But i am glad I went with it.  The back has a long zip in an eggshell blue that compliments the slight blue in the pattern.  I made this when I went blonde, but with the Pink Hair I adore this!  It just works, and still looks cool although technically it is a floral dress.

I did not line this as the pattern suggested, I just felt that the fabric has a slight thickness to it that if lined, maybe to hot for summer.

The Hem was a pain in the bum with this material, I was trying out my rolled hem foot, its a bit wonky in places but overall a good attempt.  In the future, I may shorten it slightly and cheer the hem up to my perfectionist standard.

A couple of Days (if that) later, I was bitten by the Moneta bug again and whipped up this little beauty:


I chopped 12cm off the bottom to give it a modern length and experimented with a long sleeve as I LOVE A SLEEVE.  The material was some grey speckle thick jersey I had laying about.  TBF, yes i know it is not as beautiful as the first attempt, but this I will wear the shit out of!

Both of these were made a while back (13 weeks according to instagram) and I am yet to make another.  the reason for this is mainly because I have been pushing my sewing and trying different things.  I will pick this back up going into Autumn:

The moneta + tights + long sleeves + boots = Happy winter me.


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