Update: October

September was a bit of a quick one again, but I feel I got a lot done.

What I did:

  1. Readjusted my Charlotte Kan Tie front tee dress.
  2. Conquered Button holes
  3. Made a Wenona from Named clothing…. with lace inserts (still needs buttons so hasn’t fully been photographed)
  4. Finished the Ralph Pink Phedra… which was a challenge in the thinking department but worth the results.
  5. Made 2 x oversized tees… I wear these to death and it a good way to finish off the last meter or so of fabrics that i love.
  6. I completed a Helmi dress from Named clothing
  7. Ralph Pink Ohara pants in soft grey
  8. Ready to sew Jude in black silky material.

I also kept up with the #sewphotohop (apart from 4/5 busy birthday days towards the end of the month)  I am really happy I took part in the challenge as it has mainly given me a whole lot of new people to stalk on Instagram!  Plus it really makes you think what you have achieved in sewing so far…

On top of this I have taken up Knitting!  Yes, Knitting!  It is a skill I have always had in its most basic form… a bit like sewing was  (with a lot less background knowledge… i literally only knit squares)  But what has captivated me is the EXTREME knitting.  It started with getting a bargain pair of size Us 50 Loopy mango needles, and then a smaller but still chunky us 19 needles.   So far I have knit myself a Infinity scarf with doubled up wool in black and grey.  I have also messed about with making jersey yarn out of old clothes and scrap material, and had a bit of a play with that.  When i feel more confident I will attempt a cardigan… maybe in time for summer!

And finally the BIG news, or the BIG BIRTHDAY NEWS!  I am now the proud owner of an overlocker!


I love it, I have only had it a couple of days and have had a few thread issues, but i managed to resew my Ohara pants, so now they are a bit stronger.  I love learning new things, so this is quite exciting for me.  I also feel this is like ‘the next step’ in terms of my sewing. Now things will be more professional and much more hard wear and neat (inside)  I feel I can now truly go forward with a DIY wardrobe.

Just a quick note to anyone looking for an overlocker, I had been waiting for Lidl to do there overlocker offer, but fell in love with this one.  BUT just so you are aware from the 6th of october, some stores will be stocking an over locker for £130.  ALways worth considering, especially as lidl are quite good with their garentee.  In relevence to mine, I paid £169.

I will keep you updated on the progress I make with this one.  Look out more November time, as I will be catching up with all my favourite makes and writing about them for this month (that’s the goal)


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