Made by Me – Pattern – The Lottie

When I first started trawling through Instagram for inspiration back when I first started sewing, one pattern that kept popping up again and again as a firm favourite amongst the community was the Christine Haynes Lottie.  So I just had to give it a try.

At this time I had invested in a few boho-esque patterned fabrics – one being this gorgeous cotton paisley in a beautiful ‘grungy’ muted browns and taupe.  I bought this from Oh Sew Crafty, but i think it was their Ebay shop (June 2016)

The pattern itself is lovely, I love the quaint look with the yellow and hand drawn models, which is always a plus with me – a throw back to patterns in a time gone by.   The paper of the book is a great quality with a great choice of font;  both very important to the design geek mind. The pattern itself, blue on white paper seems a bit more fresh than the beigy-brown of other patterns.4

So How Did It Sew?

From the cutting, through the construction to the finish, is an incredibly fast process with the Lottie.  I made the dress with the sleeve option (of all the options it is the one with the most pieces)  and I did it in a couple of hours give or take.

Unfortunately when I put it on, i was not totally thrilled.  I am a Plus size, with skinny person shoulders and this dress was not flattering.  Even thought my bust is big, it gaped around the armpit.  This is the first time I have experienced extra materiel in that area.  I went back to the machine and cut and sewed away quite a large chunk under the armpit and bust sides.  Now, even though at the time it was one of my early attempts as dresses, I still understood that patterns do need adjustments, that is what toiles are for after all.  What I didn’t like is that I felt I had adjusted it beyond being a Lottie, eaten into what gave it some of its individual shape,  It could easily be any shift dress with pockets now.  This is a shame as I had been looking for a good easy basic I could run up in all the fabrics, but so far I am still yet to wear this dress, which goes against my sustainable fashion morals.

Overall, it is just not one for my body shape.  I will possibly attempt the maxi in the future so the pattern was not wasted on me.  But do check out other reviews and Instagram to see other people who really got on with this pattern.


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