Made By Me – The Lottie Hack

So after I blogged about the lack of success I had with the Lottie, not one to accept defeat I took the release of the hacks to tackle it again:

I instantly fell in love with the Mod triangle colour block as I have a deep routed love of 60’s fashion.  Although I tend to avoid mini skirts, I am one for a twiggy eye or back combed hair.

I rummaged through my fabric stash for inspiration and produced two medium crepes, one black and the other white. It took a bit of doing as the black was definitely scraps, and the white was cut from a rather experimental insert project (read as complete disaster and needed to be recycled)  With a bit of a wiggle I managed to cut out the hack.

The hack itself was extremely simple and easy to follow.  I was extra lazy and didn’t trace the pattern… I just folded and stuck it with washi tape.  It worked out fine, and made the whole thing much quicker.

So How did it Sew?…

This second attempt with the hack was a vast improvement on my first Lottie. Knowing the issue under the sleeves, I chopped away quite a bit, and got the fit spot on (and it still looks like a Lottie should!)  Putting the black on the top made this dress much more flattering on the bust.  I worried about using a white, but i feel on the skirt is better as I normally drop food on my boobs… basically for a messy person, this is the safest option stain wise!    Its super cute on, the slightly thicker material gives the flared skirt more structure.  It is definitely something different for me and I never would have tried if I didn’t already have the pattern.

If you own, or are even thinking about, a Lottie, check out all the hacks.  I am definitely tempted with trying the blocking hack some day.

Make completed: 10th August 2016

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