Made By Me – Ready to Sew – Jude

A few things sold me on the Jude by Ready to Sew:

  1.  This black bleached version on their sitejude-bleach
  2. This leather-look version, also on their sitejude-leather
  3. And just how they style it in general (trainers!)jude-trainers

This is now my favourite pattern.  I just love it.  The way they style it really shows off its full potential as a wardrobe staple, often overlooked in what is considered more ‘simple’ makes.  But this is by far just a basic, it can definitely hold its own as a dressed up piece.  The ruched sleeves are a brilliant understated feature, that really adds to the overall look.  I love it so much I ended up making two versions – one after the other!

So how did it sew?…

V.1:  To start with I went for a shiny fabric I bought for £1.20 per metre at my little place in Watney Market, and it is only the price that is cheap, not the fabric.


Unfortunately, although it looks great, the material is very stiff and has no give, which is okay, apart from the longer sleeve version ends up tight.  same with the band on the bottom, at the moment it is a bit of a wiggle to get into (but once its on, its fine!)

But the Shiny fabric really adds to the piece.  This is definitely a more formal version, and I can’t wait to wear it over Christmas.  One thing I would change is the finish.  Even after the pinking sheers on the seams, it still frayed.  I had  just completed this just before the over locker arrived.

Version. 2:

Using jersey, again from the same cheap place, I went for a more casual knit version:

This is truly amazing, I literally slip it on over leggings and I am good to go.  The only issue with this is that i may have to go back and bind the neck line as the material keeps rolling up.  Even with a top stitch, it is a material issue, but i do think that most makes I do benefit from neck binding.

I can’t wait to make more of these, i have a faux leather I might try in the short sleeved and flared at the bottom.

If you haven’t already tried Ready to sew, check them out here.  They are ridiculously cheap too.  I will definitely be getting more, if not all, their patterns.

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