First Youtube Video

Guys, honestly, I thought I could edit.  SO after 3 full days of editing when I can with a child in tow I got it down to the first 2 mins not synced…. but the whole video is perfect.

And here it is…


I know where the issue lies in editing now, I also now know how to film my videos better so I don’t have to chop so much up in the future (then causing sync issues)

I am very impressed with the sound even though my microphone didn’t work.  Maybe I don’t one.

Hopefully I can get my Plans for November up,possibly even a make video… oh god the legistics!  Vloggers make it looks so easy

Anyway, enjoy, follow, be kind, and if you are thinking of trying it just do it! I have finally got over how much I hate my voice and its not so bad!

Much love x

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