Made By Me – Named Clothing – Lexi

Needing something a bit more than just another skater dress and wanting to buy another pattern from Named clothing I went for the Lexi.

I chose a fabric i had worked with previous, in a different shade. I thought the fabric was thick enough so I didn’t plan on the lining for this piece (the fabric inside was extremely soft)

SO how did it sew?

I actually give up on measurements, after some debate with a tape measure I went for the bigger size so it wasn’t snug anywhere and dangle like it does in the picture. I should have just gone with my gut feeling and made the size I am in my clothes I buy as I ended up chopping a lot of fabric off. This is not the patterns fault, its a combination of me thinking I am bigger than i am and not making a toile.

I adore the lover and pleated waistline in this piece, it gives a more formal structured feel. The lining was not missed from this piece, although if I repeat this pattern and choose a thinner material I would be more than happy to line it.
One aspect I completely abandoned was the zip! I had bought a beautiful zip for this dress and all was going well until it was too big. As it was stretch knit and loose I decided to improvise this into a pull on dress. It really helped with the fitting and didn’t effect the piece.
I think with a lining the zip will be more successful.
I am looking forward to possibly hacking this dress in some way in the future, maybe experimenting with pattern and making a feature of the zip as apposed to hiding it.

I highly recommend Named clothing, check them out here although most good uk pattern shops hold them.

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