Made By Me – Sewing Bee Draper Dress (FREE)

After sorting out my two printers, I took a foray into free PDF patterns, I basically printed off all I could get my hands on. One of these I got from Sewmag, after signing up (for free also) to their site I was able to access quite a few good patterns.  The one I wanted to trey the most was The Sewing Bee Draper Dress – or as I refer to it, the Origami Top.

I have a weird addiction to PDFs, Probably because i have a small guillotine ruler that speeds things up. I also like doing flat packs, many people do not. I think both these things are in the same part of the brain.
But with saying that, although convenient, I prefer a physical paper pattern as apposed to PDF. I like the packaging, and appreciate the little individual things the designer includes.

So how did it sew…
This pattern is one of those that you need to take a step back and figure out the mechanism of the folds. Once you visualise it, it becomes a simple and effective new technique.

And I was so happy with this make that I made another…

Version 1:

Completed: 23rd July 2016

First I made the peach crepe. When I ordered it i thought it was more nude, but it was worth a try. This definitely needs a thick materiel like the crepe to give the garment more structure. I loved the fit so much for everyday wear, I do like getting a new long top that i can throw on. I am quite pleased it is a colour I don’t usually wear as it is kind of forcing me into wearing something different.

Version 2:

Completed: 2nd August 2016

The second attempt i used a fabric I bought on holiday (fabric shops never escape me, i sniff them out) I loved it so much that i bought it in both the shades of grey they sold it in. This is the darker one, I used the lighter one on a Lexi (see last post)

The second was much easier once I knew what to do with the neck fold. what i love is you can make it out of plain fabric and it looks really interesting with the origami shape, not to mention how it sits on the body in all the right places.

Don’t forget to check out the pattern and give it a go yourself… It’s Free!

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