Made by Me – Victory – Anouk

So for my second Victory pattern I went for TWO different shiny fabrics (as apposed to just the most detailed bits in shiny for my Simone) which made it a little more challenging. But hey, I don’t mind jumping in the deep end – it gets the brain working.

I went for the tunic style as apposed to the dress, as I am seriously lacking tops, separates in general. I LOVE the belt feature on the dress, and i am really looking forward to trying it out.

So How did it sew:

I tried to copy the design on the front of the packaging. I loved the see through materiel but the grey print was the closest I had.  The black front piece was not as complicated as expected, although I should not have used my over locker for such detail.  What i found my over locker useful for was the thing folds and pleats on the front, something i will do again, instead of with a more traditional machine.   I think I have put the button and button holes in the wrong place, to solve this I may just sew them down and wear it as a pull on item as its not really needed.
I really think that this pattern would look good in a chiffon, made from 3 shades like a peach grey and navy, I think that is how i will move forward with this pattern.

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