Made By Me – The White Shirt Dress

One thing I got quite early on in my sewing is a shirt dress pattern, The McCall’s M6696. I had wanted to copy a Gothic style dress that I had seen online, I thought maybe I could extend the collar and cuffs to make it more similar to the dress.

I attempted this in a purple: It was a disaster, as was the second attempt. Undeterred, i tried one last time.
I really wanted a modern broderie anglais similar to an expensive on i had seen on john lewis. But having ruined this pattern twice already, I went in search for a cheaper alternative, and stumbled across ths one in my cheap shop: it had a more modern feel with its shapes that some of the other, more floral ones, I had seen.

So How Did it Sew?

Completed: 25th August 2016

The make is pretty simple, despite abandoning the last 2 attempts, I felt confident.
I love doing collars, some people hate them but not me. I love the neatness and fiddlyness, then suddenly a beautiful collar emerges.
I spent a lot of time matching the gaps on the yoke, it was the only piece doubled without interfacing, so i felt it had to look perfect.  This is also where I first got to flex my skills on button holes! Its something I now LOVE. Buttons really finish off a piece.

One thing I don’t do is no sleeves, you may notice I always cover my arms, so this was a bit of a brave move for me. I ended up not wearing it, although i do like it, i just felt it was a bit too pretty for where my style is going.

And yes I realise now I had a black bra on under a semi see through dress.  LOL.

I think I will keep this pattern around for future makes, maybe with the narrow skirt option.

One thought on “Made By Me – The White Shirt Dress”

  1. This is gorgeous! You did a great job. I love the cuts out on the fabric, as you say, it’s more modern the flowery cut outs. Maybe it would be more wearable dyed to a different colour??


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