Made By Me – PaperCuts – Coppélia Wrap Cardi

I stumbled across Papercuts and had no idea how amazing and innovative their patterns would be until threw came through the door. When they say on their site ‘beautifully packaged paper patterns‘ they really do mean it.  I just love things that are clever in little ways; the fact that you cut out and fold a little concertinaed booklet, which is filled with the most beautiful images.


The pattern itself can also be cut and HUNG on the actual box. Amazing little touches.
I have bought two of their patterns so far, the other being the sway I have seen so many lovely ladies make on Instagram over the summer. But as the first make i felt that there was an overwhelming need for a coppélia in my wardrobe. I could see it solving issues of sleeveless makes for me, as well as being made extremely casual and used as a cover up over pyjamas ans slob around clothes.

So How did it Sew?


Completed: 23rd August 2016

The make was extremely simple. Despite using a cheap cut of fabric as a ‘dry run’ I will probably still wear it round the house.
With that in mind I didn’t even bother using a coloured thread… i just used black.
This was a quick and simple sew due to the Raglan sleeves. The only thing that took up the most time was folding and sewing the tie part.

I can’t wait to make one in every colour, I use this so much round the house and when i am planning outfits I keep thinking back to this, a black one is definitely on the To-Do list.

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