Update: Christmas and New Year

WOW what a ride that was, I spend most of December telling myself I am not stressed, then being totally exhausted by how stressed I am.  Thankfully, I managed to de-stress with a Christmas dress on Christmas Eve, and got a fair few projects under my belt in the chaos of this month.  All of which I will write about in due course, after I complete the seven drafts I have been meaning to add pictures to and publish over December to start the new year fresh…. whoops!

Vloggin has took a complete backseat, I just have not had the time to get sat down and talk sewing, although I absolutely love doing it.  Hopefully this update can be a slight compromise of sorts.

At present I write from the in between, the part after Christmas day and the festivities where no one really knows what to do with ones self… until new year.  I am using this time to catch up with some bits, have a sort out and set up some projects for January.  This will also include a healthy eating and exercise plan for me and the partner.  Festively plump is an understatement: the last time I felt this fat I was pregnant.

This also brings me to the next issues I am having in my little world of sewing.  What size Dressmakers Dummy/mannequin to buy.  My current body is bordering on a large, but a stone or so down and I could easily fit into a medium…. for such an investment I am really worried about getting it wrong.  Plus this blog is full of my many failings of listening to inches and getting it SO wrong.  I kind of think a large will be to big and I am better off with a medium anyway, especially with the type of things i make… any imput is welcome.

I am about to get on with a Sleeping beauty dress… basically a selfless sew that is kinda selfish as I have a 70s wedding dress pattern I have been dying to use!

Hope you are all having a lovely time, roll on new year.



Update: December 2016

So, I make videos, organise my blog, get rid of the back log and what happens?   I stop sewing.  Not completely, just not at the pace I have been speeding along at these past few months.  This is solely down to one thing:  Sleep.  I am getting a full nights sleep for the first time in my life.  I honestly don’t think I slept this well since I was a baby. It took a couple of all-nighters to catch up with me and i somehow tricked myself into a new bedtime routine.  Which is great for my well being, not so great for my creativity.

Not only have I drastically reduced my nocturnal sewing activities, December is also busy busy busy.  I am currently away from my sewing space with the little person.  I will be away till Thursday, then we hit a busy weekend.  Thank god I got my Xmas shopping done!

This does not mean that i haven’t thought about sewing.  I have managed to stick a couple of fabric and pattern orders in here and there, plus my note pad is full of ideas and to do lists.

hopefully neck week i may at least have a December plans video knocked out…