Made by me – My pattern -Raglan Sleeve Top

One thing I got into sewing for was some good basics. In a time when I was rolling out a lot a lot of smart dresses, I needed something casual.
I used some scrap jersey to make this beautiful Raglan top:

Completed:  6th June 2016

I had been watching one on  Asos (no pic… but its basically what I made!)  but refrained from purchasing it because I didn’t know if it would be tight on my stomach area.
So what I did was cut a large rectangle for the base of the garment, similar to how I make all my other oversized ones. And then I traced out the two sleeves, extended to where a neck would be,

It was a simple sew and was in the time before my overlocker so I went for a french seam, I was going to then sew these seams down for an extra sporty jersey look, but i thought against it. I have put it on inside out a few times, but now I have my handmade tags, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

I will try this again but i don’t think i will buy fabrics specially for it, It is definitely a make reserves for jersey off cuts and ends.

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