Made By Me – Wednesday Addams Dress

When I was younger, I was definitely a Wednesday Addams kind of child.  I think she represents the intense kind of childhood that some of us have.  Smart and different and ever so cynical at such a young age…


The world and its friend of alternative clothing do their own version of a Wednesday Addams dress. All seem to want to add their own little something to it and mess with the design. All i wanted was a simple swing with white collar and cuffs.

So that’s what I made:

Completed: 24th May 2016

I have a swing pattern that I have used many time, I am not sure if I trace it or i traced an old pattern and widened the skirt part, But its been very useful none the less.
I just used some fabrics that i had in my stash, the black was a very stretchy, almost Lycra material. I had got it in a cheap fabric binge.

The collar and cuffs was a matte, thick jersey i had just enough of an off cut to do this with.
Using my new found skills in collar making to improvise a collar. It was one without a stand and I just sewed it straight on to the neck line. It did need to be pressed into place, but not bad for a first attempt. I used a thinner interfacing a I wanted it to be more casual.

Overall, its a massive success, I have saved a tonne of money and got exactly what I wanted. Plus I can always pop it in the dressing up box after!

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