RIP: Never Fully Dressed – Me Made Pattern

This was my first completely made by me piece. No pattern, not a lot of knowledge- just an idea and a machine.

I am a long supporter of the independent label Never fully dressed, only issue is that maybe 20% of their clothes I can wear. They don’t do plus, although I can get away with wearing their Alexander oversized Top, I think i have nearly all versions i love it so much.
One thing I adored was the nude dress:

Unfortunately I could tell from the off it would not fit – so i went on a voyage of making my own version:

The shiny lycra was from Tia knight fabric. I braved not getting a sample and was pleasantly surprised with how close a match it was to the original (from the pics online).
The top is and oversized with little square sleeves, all pulled in at the waist with a slight bat wing. I reinforced the neckline for extra support, plus I had had to widen it to fit the bare shoulder in.
I was not a fan of the original skirt, an asymmetrical drop. So I instead looked around for inspo to an alternative. I thought of rouching just one side with elastic to get a similar effect, yet suit my fuller frame. In the end I rouched both sides and created a flattering ripple across the tummy and bum area.
It took a while to figure out the join of the top part and skirt. In the end I got lucky with a band of elastic. I can only describe the technique as a tuck and sew, creating a sealed band cover from folded fabric, then sewing it down one side, leaving it flowing with no stitches on the outside. It was a fiddle, but I feel I really uped my sewing game with this make.
I have only worn this out a couple of times, as it is a party dress. I always get compliments I cant wait to get it back out for the next spec ail occasion.

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