Pattern: Phedra – Ralph Pink

I have raved about Ralph Pink Patterns Before. I tend to live in my oversized shirts from here, and I love my baggy yoga pants too.  But now I also have an amazing tunic top from here too.

Get it HERE

I had to include this picture from the site so you can see all the potential this item has.  I myself ran it up in a white Jersey (see below) This, as suggested in the instructions  should be made from a chiffon or silk for best results.

Here is my Version:

I love this, I love a long/tunic vest and a bubble like bottom is so flattering; and pockets!
I went for a really nice quality, but light, soft knit. I think due to the sheer volume of the pattern with all its shapes it couldn’t be much heavier.
But do a test run/toile first, or as I did in a cheap material (that ended up being the best).

The only issue is, I really struggled with the patterns instructions on this (and from a quick google search in desperation, so did other people) I ended up just going with it and eventually it just emerged as a Phedra. There just seems to be a big disconnection from the instructions to the garment. I don’t want to moan but I honestly think it does not reflect on the finished garment or my love for all the patterns. I just feel indie patterns should be better than that (as most are) Its a basic requirement for a good pattern.

Come summer I will have many of these. I would really like to make a silk one in a similar colour to the version featured on the site, and maybe mix it up with some jersey inserts too.

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