Made By me: The Grainline Alder with Sleeve Hack

The Grainline studio is something i have had on my radar for a while, yet never actually got round to purchasing,  Yet after seeing Alder after Alder (both versions) on Instagram, I  finally took the plunge and got one.

The pattern itself is beautifully designed, I love the simplicity of it:  Block colours, simple line drawings – it’s a minimalist dream!  This continues into the actually paper pattern pieces.  I have to admit I do prefer a white paper for a pattern.  I am not saying that I hate the brown/cream/beige colours, I just love the crispness of a white, especially when they use a blue print too.  Pattern porn!

The instructions are simple and well illustrated – although I would suggest making the two versions more distinguishable, purely for the ease of coming back to reference the booklet whilst working,  But this is so minor it really doesn’t matter.

So how did it Sew?


Completed:  30th January 2017

I really enjoyed this pattern, it was simple and easy and quick.  I used a shirt material with tiny burnout holes in it.  I am prepping for better weather, until them this can be layered!

I added sleeves as a bit of a hack for this.  I debated 3/4 length, but in a debate with myself I concluded that a full length can be rolled to a short, and still be worn under a cardigan ( i like the cuff to sit out the bottom of the cardigan sleeve, it looks neater to me)

I achieved the sleeve but tracing round the pattern to start making my own sleeve template… i then discovered, after a bit of a rummage, it was an exact fit for another sleeve I had previously drafted.  Gotta love that when it happens!

The buttons were meant to replace some on another project I had used basic buttons for, but I am not gonna lie, I couldn’t be bothered to cut them off an re sew! So I just used the fancy ones for this.  They really make the dress though, so I am really happy how they turned out.

I even like this dress done right up to the collar, which is rare, especially with gigantic boobs like mine I can sometimes look quite matron like without the open neck line.  But this is Super cute.

I cut this out in the largest size and it is the perfect fit for me.  The is a slight gap at the bust BUT, this happens on everything for me.  Again those pesky gigantic breast always making a bid for freedom.

Overall,  I LOVE this pattern, especially the version I did with the rouching on the side.  It is so flattering on me.  I am planning another in a plaid fabric (again with the sleeves)  I MAY hack it a bit more and do a full skirt instead of a button front… I will see where the fabric takes me.

p.s sorry for the sub-par pictures!  The lack of good lighting combine with the time I haven’t got to optimise that lighting means you are just getting some full mirror shots…. sorry x

Update: Victorian Glamour

SO i thought I would give a little update on what I am doing with my sewing at present.  It seems January was rather unproductive ( i think i made just one thing) but February hit with Gusto and I am back into the depths of sewing again.

At present I have taken on a two month project to make three Victorian costumes, and is fast becoming my favourite thing ever.  I have booked to go secret cinema with my two sisters.  Anyone unfamiliar with this format, its quite simple.   They take a film, create a beautiful world of that film, you dress up, take part and watch one of your favourite films with like minded people.  Brilliant.   You get given a character and a dress code;  They  DO offer costumes that you can buy, but honestly I thought that they were rather naff, so I decided to make them.

I am going for a bustle and blazer combo in the colours each of our characters suggested.  I have Cream on Top with a Lilac skirt, so I am sticking to that.  I bought three different patterns and we seem to be mix and matching elements to suit us.  The bustle I like is not going over the skirt it suggested.  Plus I like the cropped jacket and want to give it a fringe at the bottom.

I will go into more detail down the line, I just wanted to keep you updated on what the hell i will be talking about for the next two months.