Update: Victorian Glamour

SO i thought I would give a little update on what I am doing with my sewing at present.  It seems January was rather unproductive ( i think i made just one thing) but February hit with Gusto and I am back into the depths of sewing again.

At present I have taken on a two month project to make three Victorian costumes, and is fast becoming my favourite thing ever.  I have booked to go secret cinema with my two sisters.  Anyone unfamiliar with this format, its quite simple.   They take a film, create a beautiful world of that film, you dress up, take part and watch one of your favourite films with like minded people.  Brilliant.   You get given a character and a dress code;  They  DO offer costumes that you can buy, but honestly I thought that they were rather naff, so I decided to make them.

I am going for a bustle and blazer combo in the colours each of our characters suggested.  I have Cream on Top with a Lilac skirt, so I am sticking to that.  I bought three different patterns and we seem to be mix and matching elements to suit us.  The bustle I like is not going over the skirt it suggested.  Plus I like the cropped jacket and want to give it a fringe at the bottom.

I will go into more detail down the line, I just wanted to keep you updated on what the hell i will be talking about for the next two months.




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