Made by Me: Basic Circle Skirt

In desperate need of some skirts , I thought I would start with a simple classic to ease me in; The Circle Skirt.

Being Plus sized, using the conventional calculator online tended to put me off using the classic folded square method.  In fact, after having a worry about it not fitting, I just went for it, and still ended up chopping A LOT off.  Honestly, I measure and calculate and end up making more work for myself, sometimes just going for it, or going for a smaller size just fits.  Its mad.   So my advice to other plus size sewers?  Just have a fiddle about and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Also, I have very short legs, with a long body, so when it says ‘short’ that normally means ‘just right’ on me.

I didn’t just want a pull on skirt, although my choice of fabric would allow this option, I just wanted the ease of a zip and hook.  This is what took up the bulk of time in construction, it is a ridiculously quick sew.

So How did it Sew?

(completed: 15th March 2017)

The fabric was a scuba, quite thick and had a good stretch.  I got it from the cheap shop again, but it has a lovely feel.. What i like is that it feels like a basic skirt you can pick up in any high street store.

I would include the measurements, but i did cut quite a bit off so they ended up being irrelevant.  Again, plus sizers, test out with a cheap normal width of fabric, it might just mean you end up with a shorter skirt to get the waist in, but don’t take the math as Gospel.

One of the calculators I used was from By Hand London It had the best layout of the lot, and was so user friendly.

If you are a complete novice, I advise this video.  At first I found Daina a little annoying, but ultimately she grew on me, and this is a well put together and informative video, as are all her videos, please check her out.

Lastly, ANY suggestions for a good solid skirt pattern, please leave a comment.  I still need a little inspiration in this area.  Thanks in advance sewing community!


My Pattern: Black Woven Ribbon Dress

When I want to repeat a pattern, I always try to make it as different in some way.  So taking Inspo from the spring fashion sneaking in, I wanted to emulate this Ribbon Insert style I have been seeing a lot of.  This seems quite an easy was to make something look completely different.

I wanted a more Aztec style trim, yet I fell in love with this Red and Purple Rose from Mokshatrim check them out, they have amazing Ribbon (the exact one I purchased doesn’t seem to be there at present)  I feel the Roses are more me, a bit more goth too, plus a hit of purple matches the hair.

I decided to Hack a Hack of a Sway dress:  I folded and cut the back piece, but with the front I did separates, plus a seam allowance.  This is because i wanted to attach the ribbon, then join then together to form the front.  I also raised the collar to get a more square finish, this also helps as I left the top part open to just above the bust and it sat nicely on the decolletage.

So How Did It Sew?

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(completed: 16th March 2017)

I sewed on the ribbon first, then carefully joined them just on the edge to form the front.  This was easier than anticipated, although it was done mainly through feeling the edge of the ribbon than by sight… Eeep! The V neck it forms at the front means that i can just slip this dress on over my head.

I had already hacked the sleeve for the sway pattern a while back, so I just used that to make the Bell sleeve with a ribbon insert hiding the join.

I love this dress, its very comfy and casual, It has a bit more of an Asian feel to it than a Boho one, but I think with a hat and some sandals I can work it.

Pattern Repeat: Sudley by Megan Neilsen

If you haven’t seen my previous Sudley make, check it out here. I love this pattern and do sing its many praises in that post.

Basically, I want this dress in as many options as my wardrobe can physically hold, all of them, one for everyday of the year.  But luckily I have paced myself by being fussy with getting the most perfect fabrics suited for this pattern.

So How Did It Sew?

(completed: 4th March 2017)

 The material was from my cheap shop, its a very light chiffon type fabric.  I adore the pattern, which is rare for me.  I originally bought it to wear with my pink hair (it has a touch of the baby pink through it) But the Purple really compliments my current colour.  It was a challenge with this fabric due to the lack of colour and pattern in my wardrobe.  But I also know will need it in the summer, and it has become the perfect Sudley.

I did consider lining it, but to be honest, I would rather layer it as an extremely light layer than attach a permanent lining.  Plus I have many slips stored away somewhere in the depths of my wardrobe… somewhere.

The only issue I had was the hem… I fucked it up guys!   Everything was going so well until I decided to Re-hem it much shorter.  I should have just left well alone, it now is slightly higher at the front than the back.  That is what happens when you rush… although it is still completely wearable.

Rip! Mod Dolly – Shirt Dress

This Dress has been forming in my mind for a while before it came to be.  But it was finding the perfect fabric combined with already making a good shirt dress that moved it on.

In my online fantasy shopping ( we all do it) I again looked at ModDolly.  I know that they have out sized me, but a lot of their styles lend themselves to flattering a plus size figure like mine, that’s why I love their stuff; The day they figure this out and make my size is the day I become very poor.

Already having copied their Black and white Peter-Pan collar dress (see here) I spotted this beauty and the plans started to form:

(photos from ModDolly)

I then found a brown plaid fabric, which was extremely similar to the Rust from Mod Dolly:  I spotted it on the end of a massive fabric shop, and chucked it in.  This piece was made off the back of a Grainline Alder shirt dress, so I decided to adapt and hack the pattern to make this:

So How did it Sew?

(Completed: 28th February 2017)

It was an easy Sew, considering I had just completed a Grainline Alder with sleeve hack, just before this one.  The only adjustment was the skirt:  I simply folded the front of the pattern at the required length and cut it out, adding a simple straight rectangle gather skirt to it.  I am a very Lazy sewer!

I love this cute little grungy Dress, I love the fabric as it has a soft light feel and it is extremely close to my original inspiration.  I am considering adding a belt to give it more structure as apposed to just being the kind of dress you chuck on.