Pattern Repeat: Sudley by Megan Neilsen

If you haven’t seen my previous Sudley make, check it out here. I love this pattern and do sing its many praises in that post.

Basically, I want this dress in as many options as my wardrobe can physically hold, all of them, one for everyday of the year.  But luckily I have paced myself by being fussy with getting the most perfect fabrics suited for this pattern.

So How Did It Sew?

(completed: 4th March 2017)

 The material was from my cheap shop, its a very light chiffon type fabric.  I adore the pattern, which is rare for me.  I originally bought it to wear with my pink hair (it has a touch of the baby pink through it) But the Purple really compliments my current colour.  It was a challenge with this fabric due to the lack of colour and pattern in my wardrobe.  But I also know will need it in the summer, and it has become the perfect Sudley.

I did consider lining it, but to be honest, I would rather layer it as an extremely light layer than attach a permanent lining.  Plus I have many slips stored away somewhere in the depths of my wardrobe… somewhere.

The only issue I had was the hem… I fucked it up guys!   Everything was going so well until I decided to Re-hem it much shorter.  I should have just left well alone, it now is slightly higher at the front than the back.  That is what happens when you rush… although it is still completely wearable.

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