My Pattern: Black Woven Ribbon Dress

When I want to repeat a pattern, I always try to make it as different in some way.  So taking Inspo from the spring fashion sneaking in, I wanted to emulate this Ribbon Insert style I have been seeing a lot of.  This seems quite an easy was to make something look completely different.

I wanted a more Aztec style trim, yet I fell in love with this Red and Purple Rose from Mokshatrim check them out, they have amazing Ribbon (the exact one I purchased doesn’t seem to be there at present)  I feel the Roses are more me, a bit more goth too, plus a hit of purple matches the hair.

I decided to Hack a Hack of a Sway dress:  I folded and cut the back piece, but with the front I did separates, plus a seam allowance.  This is because i wanted to attach the ribbon, then join then together to form the front.  I also raised the collar to get a more square finish, this also helps as I left the top part open to just above the bust and it sat nicely on the decolletage.

So How Did It Sew?

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(completed: 16th March 2017)

I sewed on the ribbon first, then carefully joined them just on the edge to form the front.  This was easier than anticipated, although it was done mainly through feeling the edge of the ribbon than by sight… Eeep! The V neck it forms at the front means that i can just slip this dress on over my head.

I had already hacked the sleeve for the sway pattern a while back, so I just used that to make the Bell sleeve with a ribbon insert hiding the join.

I love this dress, its very comfy and casual, It has a bit more of an Asian feel to it than a Boho one, but I think with a hat and some sandals I can work it.

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