Made by Me: Basic Circle Skirt

In desperate need of some skirts , I thought I would start with a simple classic to ease me in; The Circle Skirt.

Being Plus sized, using the conventional calculator online tended to put me off using the classic folded square method.  In fact, after having a worry about it not fitting, I just went for it, and still ended up chopping A LOT off.  Honestly, I measure and calculate and end up making more work for myself, sometimes just going for it, or going for a smaller size just fits.  Its mad.   So my advice to other plus size sewers?  Just have a fiddle about and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Also, I have very short legs, with a long body, so when it says ‘short’ that normally means ‘just right’ on me.

I didn’t just want a pull on skirt, although my choice of fabric would allow this option, I just wanted the ease of a zip and hook.  This is what took up the bulk of time in construction, it is a ridiculously quick sew.

So How did it Sew?

(completed: 15th March 2017)

The fabric was a scuba, quite thick and had a good stretch.  I got it from the cheap shop again, but it has a lovely feel.. What i like is that it feels like a basic skirt you can pick up in any high street store.

I would include the measurements, but i did cut quite a bit off so they ended up being irrelevant.  Again, plus sizers, test out with a cheap normal width of fabric, it might just mean you end up with a shorter skirt to get the waist in, but don’t take the math as Gospel.

One of the calculators I used was from By Hand London It had the best layout of the lot, and was so user friendly.

If you are a complete novice, I advise this video.  At first I found Daina a little annoying, but ultimately she grew on me, and this is a well put together and informative video, as are all her videos, please check her out.

Lastly, ANY suggestions for a good solid skirt pattern, please leave a comment.  I still need a little inspiration in this area.  Thanks in advance sewing community!


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