Made By Me: Zeyphr

I had been looking for a decent empire waist pattern for a while.  I wanted to draft my own at first, but since the best way to learn is to do, I kept searching for the pattern.

Browsing through the sewing community I spotted this dress from Atelier Scammet.  What I love about their patterns is how neat they look.  And the fact they do beautiful maternity patterns too is amazing ( a market that is catered for well in the Me made community) Check them out.

So How did It Sew?

Date Completed:  10th May 2017

Having invested heavily in a lot of black soft touch from my cheap shop it was the natural choice of a good basic.  And as you can see, it has fitted into my goth summer wardrobe perfectly;  I look like I am off to a coven meeting.  I decided  that although I loved the trim on the cuff detail, for my version I didn’t do that as I needed it to be as plain and basic as possible, and added some cute dome black buttons that I had spare.

I was surprised it was such a great fit, one thing that is always a worry is the boobs, yet the range of sizes fitted me perfectly.

This is one of many basic black items I seem to be making lately.  Keep an eye out for the rest.

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