Made By Me: Sew Over It – Tulip Skirts

One thing I am bad at doing is making ans buying any other pattern other than dresses.   As with the lack of colour and pattern in my sewing (and subsequently my wardrobe) this is something I wanted to make a conscious effort to try and tackle.

So I decided on skirts.  Also, after looking at my wardrobe, it was definitely an area in which there was a need as apposed to just a want.  But needing something structured as well as flattering and that could blend into my wardrobe… and wasn’t a skater skirt, was proving to be a challenge.

After a bit of a search I decided to give the Tulip Skirt from Sew Over It a go.  I still can’t believe I haven’t had one of their patterns before, despite them being so prominent in my social media sewing (read as sewing stalking!)

So How Did It Sew?

I was not disappointed, It was a beautiful on:

I made the fist one as a sort of trial from this scrap of grey fabric.  I was worried about the fit and ended up making it far too big.  i was disapointed for over thinking the measurement that shortly after I went for the second attempt:

The second one was the left over fabric I used on my schoolhouse tunic.  I went for the actual size thinking it would solve the issue, but it was just a slight bit small.  The issue I am having with a lot of patterns is I am just out by an inch or less.  This is something I will definitely tackle on my next attempt.

I feel that with this pattern I have found a good go too favourite.  I love Sew Over it, I really should make more of their patterns,  sometimes I feel I always overlook it as it tends to be a bit prim and proper in florals and their vintage shapes.  But maybe I just need to see it in my own style and colours.  (or lack of colour)

Made By Me: Janis – Ready to Sew

Whilst purchasing the Jolene, I snuck a Janis into my basket for good measure.  It seemed to balance out my dress to other clothing items ratio;  I could justify another dress pattern with the purchase of a top.

I am a massive fan of ready to sew, so I was eager to see this completed.

The pattern as a pdf was easy to put together, the instructions as as always excellent from ready to sew.

One thing I will like to mention with them is the absolute beautiful options on the website.  It started with my purchase of Jude, I noticed the extent they went to to show all the possibilities of their pattern.  I know that others do this, but Ready to sew always seem to show things that I myself would like to make and wear.

So How did it sew?


Top Row: Loop at front  – Bottom Row:  Loop on Back

The material I chose was almost ribbed scuba.  It was part of the stash and I had planned to use it for a casual blazer, but I let the fabric speak to me… and it said JANIS!  Ordinarily, I would not have chose this fabric if I had gone shopping specifically for a fabric to use with this pattern.  Next time will definitely choose a thinner fabric.  This one was good for the main part of the garment, but I soon realised that the folded over lining had started to bulk and snag and didn’t look great.  Especially when I lightly stitched it in place.  It may need to be either removed and left with a raw edge, or possibly a wonder Webb or fabric glue job!

It may need a few tweaks before I wear it , but this was all to do with my fabric choice, The actual garment is amazingly beautiful and flattering on… also the fact is doesn’t matter which way you put it on is a bonus for the lazy fashionista in me… I mean come on!  Its white, I am bound to drop something down me, now if i do I can just turn it round and wear it backwards!


Made It patterns – Drop

I am still very much in love with made it patterns.  Their groove dress gives me pattern envy – I wish I had thought of something so basic, yet so good and versatile! The mix and match style means there are all kinds of possibilities that can transition through seasons, and you really get value out of one pattern.

At the time I purchased the Groove, I also got the Drop.  I will admit this isn’t my first attempt… I went for a beige Jersey scrap i had big enough for this.  Unfortunately i messed it up epically, and not having enough fabric to repair, I put the pattern to one side.

Recently, in need of long sleeved light tops, I remembered I had not yet made an worn this pattern.  I was so excited, especially as I had more than enough white fabric to use.

So how did it sew?

Second time was a complete success.  I love this top.  I say top as that’s what I wear it as, although I did use the dress length pattern.  I like my tops long as I have a long body.

It is a simple sew and the instructions are amazing, They give you a couple of choices of finished with the collar.  The asymetrical shape is flattering, as is the ruching on the ‘drop’ part.

I can see this fast becoming as good a basic as an Inari that I reach for.

When I want to make it again (and I will)  it will be just a matter of having the right fabric.

Pattern Repeat & Hack: School House Tunic, rounded sports skirt

I am very good at storage:  this means that if you open my wardrobe, you will see a perfect capsule wardrobe with a few different trends… but with the hot weather, I have had to get the summer clothes out, and juggle it around.  This is where I remembered how much I love the school house Tunic pattern.  My summer one I made last year has practically been worn to death… I can definitely justify another one.

In an attempt to stash bust I found this fabric;  a grey cross/dot pattern that had a good sized repeat.  It was a narrow width, but more than enough for a schoolhouse with some to spare.

So How Did It Sew?

This is another one of those patterns I could do with my eyes closed… well not closed as that would be dangerous, but you get what I am saying.

This time I used a thick band of elastic on the sleeve, and I think it really adds to the overall effect of the sleeve, almost like a cuff.

The main objective of this to make it slightly different to the others was a tapered sport like skirt.  I rounded in the edges and gave them a small split.  I feel it adds just a slight difference to my other makes.  I really liked how it turned out.


Made by Me: The Geodesic Jumper

As much as I love this pattern, I made it a small disaster for myself by picking the worst fabric!

I think its good for you guys to see that even a year down the line into my fully fledge sewing hobby, I still manage to get it wrong sometimes and I am in no way perfect!  Yes as well as reaping the benefits of my beautiful makes, I also have some of the worst hair pulling moments of rage with it too!

I had searched High and Low for a sweatshirt fabric, or a french terry, knowing I wanted to make the Geodesic Jumper from Blueprints For Sewing I knew I was after a nude, but i could not find any for love nor money.

I ended up spotting some on my Ebay shop i follow, it was a random recommendation e-mail, I felt it was a sign.  Now before I continue, I should stress that this is not a bad fabric, or a cheap fabric; It is purely the wrong fabric for the wrong pattern, it just didnt gel.  I now know that it needs a fabric with more structure.  The fabric I had would have easily suited a normal plain sweatshirt better.

So How Did It Sew?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I originally went for the long version as i knew I would wear that the most, unfortunately, due to struggleing to match the triangles (even with hand sewing them into place before putting them through the machiene) I abandoned the bottom row and just added the wasit band.

I love the looseness of the fabric and the movement it has.  It gave the whole garment a baggy oversized feel.  Unfortunately, that is what also made it near impossible to control.

I will tackle this pattern again, but definitely on the back burner whilst I wait for the perfect fabric and colder weather!


My Pattern: Black Babydoll

I tend to do things in quick concession, especially when I am chasing that train of thought.

My attempt at the self drafted baby doll has urged me on to make another so soon, and apply the tweeks I learnt from the first to get an almost perfect version.  This was mainly the issue with the sleeves not being as oversized as they could have been.

This time I used a black silky material.  Although its quite thin, it was not as see through as the purple first version.

So How did it Sew?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It would be silly to go into detail on the sew as it was basically the same as the previous.  Although I will add the material was a little fiddly a times (as is the nature of silky fabric!)

Overall I am really pleased with this version, its more wearable than the first.

The only issue is the sleeves feel a bit flat, but I liked the overall look.  In future I could easily insert a netting to give it some shape, but this is entirely dependant on the fabric I choose.

Best Basics: the 2 judes

I love my Jude, I have worn it so much that the grey Jersey has started to bobble slightly.  I decided it is time for more Judes… as many as possible!  But a good start would be making a black and white version.

The white fabric is very thin in prep for summer.  The black is slightly heavier, but I feel it can transition into Autumn too.

I love sewing a Jude, although I do have to use both my machines to make them ( I refuse to hand gather as a machine is much neater and even)

So How Did They Sew?

With the white I went for an open bottom, purely to vary them slightly, although I do prefer a gathered band bottom.  It’s made from the white Jersey I have bought in bulk, it’s slightly thin but its perfect for summer.  I may have to revisit the hem as it went a bit crazy.  This may be because its my first official Jude without a base band.

The black, due to the give, needed to be taken in at the base slightly.

Both use the blind serger technique on the cuffs which is an absolute must if you love jersey, its just beyond simple.  Just a fold and a press, then if you want you can sew a neat line to hold it in place.  Check it out if you are not already familiar with it.

Pattern Repeat: The Shirt Dress

Some pattern repeats just need to be made in a basic black.  This was definitely one of them.  As much as I love my first attempt I made in a grey feather fabric, sometimes having something to chuck on in plain black is a lifesaver.

Plus this pattern,  with the detail on the front lends itself well to plain colours and natural fabrics.  Maybe because that is what Merchant and mills are all about.  Check them out here.

For some reason I got it in my head that the bib was interfaced.  I have no idea why I thought this, but i cut it out regardless, and only on the re read of the instructions did I realise I was an idiot!

So How did it sew?

Date Completed:  10th May 2017

As with merchant and mills its always a pleasure to construct.  Quick and simple, But don’t let that fool you, you end up with amazingly structured pieces.

Being short I chopped a bit off the length, and this time round I lengthend the 3/4 length sleeve.  I had decided that if it was wrong, I could happily chop them down to the original length, but I think this is the way forward for me with this pattern.

Having this as a Black Basic is a god send. One thing I love is those single items that you pull on and are ready to go.  No fuss fashion.


My Pattern: Oversized Stripe Tee

This Interesting Jersey fabric has been lurking round in my stash for a while.  As a sucker for stripes, I try to get as much variety with them as possible:  So big white gaps and large groups of thin dark lines are somewhat of a variation.

The fabric is extremely lightweight and I bought about 5 metres.  Because of this I wanted to invest at least half of the length I had available into an oversized tee/dress.

So How Did Sew?

Date completed: 30th April 2017

This is an extremely simple sew, I have made many tops like this (check out this post here)

This one I made slightly bigger and longer, this is because I wanted to start gathering and tying the fabric to create different shapes.  I had seen this done with scarves and oversized dresses, all done with just some small elastics.  In exploring Me made wardrobes, one thing I want to explore more is refashion or re wearing the same item differently.  This was just one of the more simple methods:

Note:  I have shown the gathered elastic on the outside, the intention is to wear this on the inside, hidden.  This was purely to demonstrate.

Again, this is not the last of the oversized tees, I will make MANY more as I wear them to death!  I just need ALL the colours.

Made By Me: I AM Cassiopée

I have previously made an I AM pattern – twice as I loved them so much.  Check them out here.  I love them, and wear them a lot still.

As with all their patterns, they are just effortlessly cool.  And all are extremely wearable and modern, they have that feel of a ready made off the shelf, but with the quality of a me made.

The packaging was amazing, i loved the gold embossed envelope, with a see through side, so the instruction booklet becomes part of the casing.  Although I did love their previous brown envelope patterns, I am happy they have changed and I still like it just as much.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that I would have to trace the pattern,  If I had I probably would have gone for a PDF version;  I like to print of multiples and cut them out, its a kinda long winded lazy way of doing things.  So not only did i wait for the pattern (which wasn’t long at all) I then had to wait for the delivery of my swedish tracing paper!  An error on my part, but a warning if you are reading this prior to buying your own pattern.

On a side note, I get my swedish tracing paper from The Creative Industry,  I have ordered from them a couple of times and had no issue.  I am also eyeing up one of their makers workbooks, altough I think if I bring one more note book into this house my partner might have a heart attack (fabric he’s fine with, notebooks he doesn’t understand)

In the end, it was worth the wait as this basic raglan sleeve dress is a wardrobe staple:

So How did It Sew?

Date Completed:  16th May 2017

From cut to finish, the Cassiopée is a quick sew.  The only long part was the tracing and prep, but that is done once, then all other makes are simply that, just the making.

I did have to shorten it as I am too short.  I measured it and it seemed fine, once on the short legs struck again and I cut a substantial chunck off the bottom.

The fabric was from the cheap shop, and I love it, its so beautiful.  I wish i had bought more, but I feel that I have pushed myself enough recently with pattern (we all know I would live in the safety of black, white and grey plain clothing if I could!)

This pattern came about just after I had made my other simple dress pattern in polka dot.  I feel that this pattern will gladly replace that attempt as a best basic wardrobe staple and my go to casual dress.  Many more shall be made!