Pattern Repeat: The Shirt Dress

Some pattern repeats just need to be made in a basic black.  This was definitely one of them.  As much as I love my first attempt I made in a grey feather fabric, sometimes having something to chuck on in plain black is a lifesaver.

Plus this pattern,  with the detail on the front lends itself well to plain colours and natural fabrics.  Maybe because that is what Merchant and mills are all about.  Check them out here.

For some reason I got it in my head that the bib was interfaced.  I have no idea why I thought this, but i cut it out regardless, and only on the re read of the instructions did I realise I was an idiot!

So How did it sew?

Date Completed:  10th May 2017

As with merchant and mills its always a pleasure to construct.  Quick and simple, But don’t let that fool you, you end up with amazingly structured pieces.

Being short I chopped a bit off the length, and this time round I lengthend the 3/4 length sleeve.  I had decided that if it was wrong, I could happily chop them down to the original length, but I think this is the way forward for me with this pattern.

Having this as a Black Basic is a god send. One thing I love is those single items that you pull on and are ready to go.  No fuss fashion.


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