Best Basics: the 2 judes

I love my Jude, I have worn it so much that the grey Jersey has started to bobble slightly.  I decided it is time for more Judes… as many as possible!  But a good start would be making a black and white version.

The white fabric is very thin in prep for summer.  The black is slightly heavier, but I feel it can transition into Autumn too.

I love sewing a Jude, although I do have to use both my machines to make them ( I refuse to hand gather as a machine is much neater and even)

So How Did They Sew?

With the white I went for an open bottom, purely to vary them slightly, although I do prefer a gathered band bottom.  It’s made from the white Jersey I have bought in bulk, it’s slightly thin but its perfect for summer.  I may have to revisit the hem as it went a bit crazy.  This may be because its my first official Jude without a base band.

The black, due to the give, needed to be taken in at the base slightly.

Both use the blind serger technique on the cuffs which is an absolute must if you love jersey, its just beyond simple.  Just a fold and a press, then if you want you can sew a neat line to hold it in place.  Check it out if you are not already familiar with it.

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