Made by Me: The Geodesic Jumper

As much as I love this pattern, I made it a small disaster for myself by picking the worst fabric!

I think its good for you guys to see that even a year down the line into my fully fledge sewing hobby, I still manage to get it wrong sometimes and I am in no way perfect!  Yes as well as reaping the benefits of my beautiful makes, I also have some of the worst hair pulling moments of rage with it too!

I had searched High and Low for a sweatshirt fabric, or a french terry, knowing I wanted to make the Geodesic Jumper from Blueprints For Sewing I knew I was after a nude, but i could not find any for love nor money.

I ended up spotting some on my Ebay shop i follow, it was a random recommendation e-mail, I felt it was a sign.  Now before I continue, I should stress that this is not a bad fabric, or a cheap fabric; It is purely the wrong fabric for the wrong pattern, it just didnt gel.  I now know that it needs a fabric with more structure.  The fabric I had would have easily suited a normal plain sweatshirt better.

So How Did It Sew?

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I originally went for the long version as i knew I would wear that the most, unfortunately, due to struggleing to match the triangles (even with hand sewing them into place before putting them through the machiene) I abandoned the bottom row and just added the wasit band.

I love the looseness of the fabric and the movement it has.  It gave the whole garment a baggy oversized feel.  Unfortunately, that is what also made it near impossible to control.

I will tackle this pattern again, but definitely on the back burner whilst I wait for the perfect fabric and colder weather!


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