Made It patterns – Drop

I am still very much in love with made it patterns.  Their groove dress gives me pattern envy – I wish I had thought of something so basic, yet so good and versatile! The mix and match style means there are all kinds of possibilities that can transition through seasons, and you really get value out of one pattern.

At the time I purchased the Groove, I also got the Drop.  I will admit this isn’t my first attempt… I went for a beige Jersey scrap i had big enough for this.  Unfortunately i messed it up epically, and not having enough fabric to repair, I put the pattern to one side.

Recently, in need of long sleeved light tops, I remembered I had not yet made an worn this pattern.  I was so excited, especially as I had more than enough white fabric to use.

So how did it sew?

Second time was a complete success.  I love this top.  I say top as that’s what I wear it as, although I did use the dress length pattern.  I like my tops long as I have a long body.

It is a simple sew and the instructions are amazing, They give you a couple of choices of finished with the collar.  The asymetrical shape is flattering, as is the ruching on the ‘drop’ part.

I can see this fast becoming as good a basic as an Inari that I reach for.

When I want to make it again (and I will)  it will be just a matter of having the right fabric.

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