Made By Me: Janis – Ready to Sew

Whilst purchasing the Jolene, I snuck a Janis into my basket for good measure.  It seemed to balance out my dress to other clothing items ratio;  I could justify another dress pattern with the purchase of a top.

I am a massive fan of ready to sew, so I was eager to see this completed.

The pattern as a pdf was easy to put together, the instructions as as always excellent from ready to sew.

One thing I will like to mention with them is the absolute beautiful options on the website.  It started with my purchase of Jude, I noticed the extent they went to to show all the possibilities of their pattern.  I know that others do this, but Ready to sew always seem to show things that I myself would like to make and wear.

So How did it sew?


Top Row: Loop at front  – Bottom Row:  Loop on Back

The material I chose was almost ribbed scuba.  It was part of the stash and I had planned to use it for a casual blazer, but I let the fabric speak to me… and it said JANIS!  Ordinarily, I would not have chose this fabric if I had gone shopping specifically for a fabric to use with this pattern.  Next time will definitely choose a thinner fabric.  This one was good for the main part of the garment, but I soon realised that the folded over lining had started to bulk and snag and didn’t look great.  Especially when I lightly stitched it in place.  It may need to be either removed and left with a raw edge, or possibly a wonder Webb or fabric glue job!

It may need a few tweaks before I wear it , but this was all to do with my fabric choice, The actual garment is amazingly beautiful and flattering on… also the fact is doesn’t matter which way you put it on is a bonus for the lazy fashionista in me… I mean come on!  Its white, I am bound to drop something down me, now if i do I can just turn it round and wear it backwards!


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