Made By Me: Sew Over It – Tulip Skirts

One thing I am bad at doing is making ans buying any other pattern other than dresses.   As with the lack of colour and pattern in my sewing (and subsequently my wardrobe) this is something I wanted to make a conscious effort to try and tackle.

So I decided on skirts.  Also, after looking at my wardrobe, it was definitely an area in which there was a need as apposed to just a want.  But needing something structured as well as flattering and that could blend into my wardrobe… and wasn’t a skater skirt, was proving to be a challenge.

After a bit of a search I decided to give the Tulip Skirt from Sew Over It a go.  I still can’t believe I haven’t had one of their patterns before, despite them being so prominent in my social media sewing (read as sewing stalking!)

So How Did It Sew?

I was not disappointed, It was a beautiful on:

I made the fist one as a sort of trial from this scrap of grey fabric.  I was worried about the fit and ended up making it far too big.  i was disapointed for over thinking the measurement that shortly after I went for the second attempt:

The second one was the left over fabric I used on my schoolhouse tunic.  I went for the actual size thinking it would solve the issue, but it was just a slight bit small.  The issue I am having with a lot of patterns is I am just out by an inch or less.  This is something I will definitely tackle on my next attempt.

I feel that with this pattern I have found a good go too favourite.  I love Sew Over it, I really should make more of their patterns,  sometimes I feel I always overlook it as it tends to be a bit prim and proper in florals and their vintage shapes.  But maybe I just need to see it in my own style and colours.  (or lack of colour)

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