Update: When September Ends…

Another month has flown by again.  September is always a quick one as it is filled with Birthdays (mine included) and other things going on.  The change of season always brings about a reflective period of going forward, new beginnings and preparing for the cold.  This is extremely prevalent in my sewing… all the best laid plans we scrapped as I thought ahead, packing away summer and planning my winter wardrobe.

This year, after many festivals and concerts, I am fully going to embrace my rock chick/grunge queen.  Everything must be able to be worn along side my Dr. Martens and be comfortable.  I have come to the conclusion that pattern and colour are just not for me, so out the window they go, permanently.  It sounds drastic but I am reassessing my imprint: making too many clothes is as bad as a mindless Primark haul.  I need to be more mindful.

I officially moved my Birthday forwards and spent some of my birthday money at the Great British Sewing Bee live.  I really enjoyed it, I wish I had been able to go either Friday or Saturday, but I was busy.  It was nice to say hi to lots of people, and I loved the talk by Esme and Patrick.  Esme is basically who I want to be, she is so apologetically stylish and interesting.  Patrick really impressed me with his passion of Buying British that added a depth to him.  Its nice to see this happening, hopefully he is held up as an example to business moving forward, changing our mindset.

As I write this mini update, I have partially tackled my back log of blog posts for the recent makes.  So watch out for those dotted over October. I will post my To-Do list (lists?)  In the upcoming Insta-posts.  SO make sure you are following me for that.





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