Update: November 2017

I have had such a productive day with regards to sewing and blog stuff that I have decided to update just to let you know where I am.

I managed to break through a build up of NEARLY finished Items… Mainly odd trims and ALLLLLLLLLL the buttons.  It took FOREVER but it is nice to end up with 5 complete items on one day.

Black Friday saw me invest in some new patterns that needed to be printed and cut, I even forced myself to print off some I had been putting off that I had.  Now all those are in a line with their chosen fabric, awaiting the chop and ultimate sew.

The blog drafts to the completed Items are finished, they just need photos and to be re-read and a type up.  (Jobs I like to save for when the child is present)  I am a bit unsure when a nice fashion shoot of photos will be taken, but If I am desperate, I may just take some (nice-ish) ones on a hanger and go from there.

I also took a mad turn and got some fabric from IKEA to make a curtain for the balcony door… this will fit nicely in a post I have been working on about sewing around the home.

I am also very excited about my Christmas outfit I have planned. I bought the most BEAUTIFUL pattern from DP studios to use my leopard print fabric with.  I am a bit worried as i might have to enlarge it slightly around the but area… but i am determined to do it and wear it over Xmas.

At present I am forcing myself not to go to the fabric shop as I know that can triple my work load, my brain works faster than my ability to sew.  So for now I am writing a list of what I need… basically i need about 40 metres of black jersey.

Watch this space for the flood of sewing madness that is about to spill out onto it.