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My Pattern: Long Summer Kimono

A lot of my makes are inspired by the fabric on which i stumble upon, even if i have a small seed of an idea forming, it usually takes the right fabric to make it so.  This is definitely one of those i stumbled across and fell in love with as it spoke ‘kimono’ to me.

I found this beautiful light chiffon fabric in my fabric shop.  It was two stripes of blue/green pattern on a nude background… the nude was on wither side and through the middle.

I felt this was a very fashion forward fabric.  It could easily be seen in a Topshop or H&M as apposed to a me made.

I had bought quite a few chiffon type fabrics as i really want to make more kimonos, they are something i live in during the hot summer months.

Since I was off to a festival that weekend i really wanted a full length cover up.

So How Did It Sew?

Date Completed: 2nd June 2017

I worked with the fabric on this make.  I removed the peach/nude part and got my width for the bulk with that, sewing the pattern together down what was to be the centre back.  This gave it slightly more structure than just being wrapped in a bulk of fabric, which is something I was aware of it becoming whilst I made this.  It has splits up the side to give it more flow and not just bunch round to the back.

I tapered down the collar, and did a simple folded seam all over, first with the over locker then tucked in with a straight stitch.  I chose the black thread as I liked the contrast with the bits of yellow, white would have looked washed out or dirty.

I really enjoyed just going with the flow of this fabric, and literally laying on it or holding it up against me for measurements.  Its really liberating, but I think you get the best out of the material that way, especially one with such a dominant design.

I ended up wearing it to a day festival, and I loved it.  When you wear a statement pieces like this, you get the luxury of everything else being plain to make it stand out.  Here it is in action:

More to come, I am bound to live in this the whole hot summer!

Pattern Hack: Cross Swing Dress

I had been lusting over 90’s button front swing dresses for a while now.  Maybe because i remember them the first time around, so I want in on that trend again!

This dress had a few incarnations on paper, until I eventually settled on hacking a Luisa from Wear Lemonade.  I dropped the separate yoke by tracing it into the dress front, I then slightly exaggerated the trapeze shape.  The front had a V neck and button front, I simple added a few cementers to the front seam and added a strip of interfacing.

The fabric I used was from Girl Charlee, I bought it a while back and was being far to precious with using it ( I have several patterns to use still in the stash)  It is still available to buy, you can check it out here. It is a lovely light jersey, and the Gothic cross pattern is so me.  I am glad I used it for this dress as I know I will get a lot of wear out of it.

So how did it sew?

Completed:  15th December 2016

Its refreshing when making your own pattern, or hacking a previous pattern, you have the luxury of going rouge and not having to read a pattern.  You kind of just do it as you go, and love every minute of it. The dress is very light, but I think this works with the exaggerated skirt part, it has a beautiful drape.  I got so carried away with the make, i forgot i wanted to do double buttons all the way down and just done singles.  It still turned out fine, a minor detail.  I could have made this even easier on myself and made a faux button front, but I am glad it opens, as I might experiment with wearing it open… although i am lazy and just pull it on over my head rather than deal with buttons.

I am keeping the pattern, I am thinking about doing a floral version, with more tea dress like sleeves, definitely a summer wear.

Made By Me – Named clothing – Keil0 2.0

I loved my original white burnout Keilo I made. But Maxi dresses are not always practical, especially for me, who tripped and ripped a hole in it. I am not surprised, I wore it SO much over the summer, it was bound to succumb to my clumsiness, (fear not I have fixed it)
So I decided on a shorter one, being the height of summer I went for my second burnout fabric, like the first, from Girl Charlee.  I checked, it is still available, you can find it here.

Now when I do colour, which we all know is quite rare, I tend to make up for my usual lack of it and go all out, brighter than bright. Its like some balance thing. It’s the  same thinking behind my pink hair, it makes up for my lack of colour in my clothes. Allowing me to wear nearly all black without looking too goth.

So How did it Sew?

Completed: 25th July 2016

The fabric is beautiful, I love a good burnout, they add a new dimension to a piece, and what I love is every thing I make with them looks shop bought. Jerseys in general tend to have this feel for me.
This time I extended the ties and at first I did make them TOO long (much too long) and had to chop them down. But I like that I could wrap it round a couple of times, which was lacking in my original.  Again I used the free sleeve hack Named Clothing supply on their site, definitely makes it a more versatile make. I went for 3/4 sleeves again, and I think next time I will go for full (although it was summer when I made this)
For someone my size I find it extremely flattering across the stomach, which is something I struggle to find in a good pattern.  Some patterns can be hacked and adjusted to suit, but its so nice to just have a pattern that works first time.
Over the summer I wore this so much that I had to blog about it, even in winter!  I will definitely be making some more of these come summer, I think I will chop and change it up by making the front and back two different colours, so when i tie it you can see the colour come through.

And don’t forget to check out Named clothing, I have a few more of their patterns to blog about soon.

Made by Me – The Dress Shirt

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I wish I had thought of that’?

Well that is basically Merchant and Mills for me…

Honestly, I get it, I get their concept, I buy into it, I LOVE IT.

I sat watching their little videos on their site, and I was just so in love with them as a brand.  Simple, understated backed up with being stylish and well designed.  I am yet to find fault.  I am even impressed how they barged through gender bias and it is simply for ‘Makers’… not just focusing on women traditional sewers.

My chosen fabric was this little beauty from Fabworks.  I am a sucker for feathers, and grey, and this seems perfect.  I really love their fabrics, I will be doing another order from them when I justify it… and maybe when they get the constellations fabric back in stock (hint hint)

I had seen Merchant and Mills about on Instagram, various makes and patterns.  At first I wasn’t overly excited, until I saw The Dress Shirt.  It was exactly what I was looking for, just a simple pull on shirt style dress, casual but with structure.

The pattern is gorgeous, it has that vintage feel of an older pattern, with simple fonts and graphics.  The envelope itself is just a black and white picture of their dress made up, with their logo.  The instructions have amazing little hand drawn pics on, and super easy to follow, if a newbie fancies a challenge, this could be it.

So how did it sew…


It went great. The only adjustment I would make is the sleeves need to be gathered in for me… otherwise it is perfect.  The sizing is amazing and the length is just right.  The grey has turned out quite light, almost blue, therefore I have not worn it as much as some of my me mades.  I feel like Wendy Darling from Peter Pan in it, as it is as comfortable as a night gown, and a similar colour.  I definitely need a black one of these bad boys, and possible a wine colour for Autumn, in a thicker material.

Overall, a massive success.  It is exactly what I wanted, it is timeless piece i will pull out again and I want to make more in ALL THE COLOURS. Definitely recommend.  Just need to figure out what Merchant and mills pattern to try next!

Keep an eye on my Instagram for continuous updates on what i am working on at the mo…

Fabric Haul: Girl Charlee

Another day, another delivery.  I really must stop this late night shopping it is becoming an issue.  July = fabric ban… but tbf i have enough to last me a while so in reality its not gonna do much good.

I am a sucker for a discount, so after spotting a 20% off on Instagram, I had to look, then had to buy.  And i am not disappointed:

Some of you have already seen this thing of beauty I was unwrapping:IMG_20160630_163047

What a joy!  All beautiful Jersey Knits and amazingly some colour amongst the black and white, can you believe it?

This bundle was from a site called Girl Charlee and from this small section I bought, I can tell they know a good kint!  This is what I bought:

(From top Left- All prices per metre)

  • Purple Fuchsia Tie Dye Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric – 2m @ £7.45 

This is a soft cotton rayon jersey blend… and it is just has the most divine feel.  The colour is  purple and fuchsia, with the pattern almost bleached out and contrasting with the colours.  I LOVE this design, I cannot wait to sew something with it.  I am thinking either a cute summer cover up or a maxi.  Still undecided!  Buy here.

  • Magenta Grey Watercolour Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric – 2m @ £6.95

Another attempt at colour for me, quite similar to what I recently made an Inari from, but I just adore the grey with the bright colour, and the almost burnout style and slightly see through nature of this fabric.  It has a very grunge feel to it, I can totally see this as a smock dress festival style for me.  Pick yours up here

  • Exposed Photo Floral Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric – 2m @£8.95

This is the only fabric I wasn’t 100% happy with, but its a slight issue, but mainly with myself.  The picture looked amazing online, but holding it I couldn’t help but feel that I would have to be careful with this and not make anything too frumpy from it as it doesn’t look as modern as it did online.  TBH its more my personal taste than the fabric.  The feel of the fabric is slightly heavier than the others and amazing.  Thinking maybe go for leggings and a matching vest top… something a bit different.  Look for yourself here.

  • Black Distressed Vertical Ethnic on Ivory Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric – 2m @ £6.45

I have had my eye on a few tribal prints elsewhere, but the business of this one is what made me add it to my basket, It is just so full and the distressed look really works with ethnic ridged patterns to soften them.  Again a great feel to the fabric, light and soft.  Take a look here

  • Gothic Stamped Cross White Modal Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric – 3m @ £7.95

OMG, my inner goth had a heart attack when I saw this, it is the most perfect facric for me EVER.  The crosses are grey and wishy-washy looking, and the repeat of the pattern just works!  I ordered 3m and something tells me I may end up getting more to bulk up in some good basics to mix and match this pattern into my wardrobe.  It has a beautiful heaviness to it, I cannot recommend it enough!

  • Slightly Flawed White Ethnic Diamond Burnout Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric 3m @ £3.45

When I read ‘slightly flawed’ I though to myself it was best to buy a bit extra and work around it.  Honestly, it was so slight I could have got away with just 2 metres, but am happy with extra as I have chosen this fabric for my Named Clothing Kielo Wrap  (to which they have just added a sleeve download) I just think this slight see through burnout lends itself to that pattern and is light enough to wear stuff underneath.


The site itself was easy to navigate and the picture easy to scroll through at a glance, everything was laid out in categories well.  Although, not as contemporary as other sites, I loved the graphic and overall feel (the group picture in the about us section is always a nice touch)  At the time of ordering it was a lovely 20% off, but If not you can sign up and get 10%, I got free delivery due to the amount I bought, but I am sure it will be easy to find out if you just want one or two pieces.

I am definitely coming back to this site, budget is what made me stop at six fabrics, but definitely for a while my basket (before editing it down) was bulging!

Check these guys out and watch this space for some amazing knit creations in the near future…



D-day and Mini Christmas:

All the deliveries turned up today.  Well 4, i still have a few coming.

I had hoped the partner would not be present, unfortunately he answered the door. Luckily he doesn’t really mind…it keeps me quiet. I just feel bad because it looks bad when SO much turns up at once.

What I got and From where:

Obviously, if you are here from my Instagram, you have seen the photos, but heres the list:

The Fabric Godmother was my biggest order of the day:


  • Top Left: Grey Daze Satin @ £7.99 per metre.
  • Top Right: Wave Jaquard Jersey @ £8.99 per metre
  • Bottom Left: Multicoloured Shatta Jersey @£7.99
  • I AM PATTERNS: Aphrodite Dress @ £13.50

Shipping was a flat rate of £2.50, which is good for the chubby parcel I got.  I am so happy with all of my purchases, the shatta fabric is my favourite.  I was pleasently suprised with the Jaquard Jersey as it is nice and fat and thick, plus the reverse is just screaming out for a turned up cuff or a reverse insert:


I cannot recommend these guys enough, I am totally going to be a return customer.  They have some AMAZING pieces and the website is neat and lovely.

Backstitch was another order, this time only a pattern but I had a good look at their fabrics whilst there and I am very impressed.  Future purchase alert after I make a dent in my stash.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will see that I have the named clothing Inari Tee dress and the Lottie.

Can’t wait to get going.