Made By Me: Named Clothing – Inari

Made By Me:  Named Clothing ~ Inari Tee Dress

(mine was purchased from Backstitch)

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One of the reasons I got into sewing and wanting to make my own clothing was purely due to the lack of good basics available, especially in my size.  I had seen much hype on the Inari within the online sewing community.  It looked sleek and simple, and most importantly long. I had slight issue with short sleeves as i hate showing my arms, but I am glad I ignored that and bought it anyways.

The packaging, as with all Named clothing Patterns is beautiful.  It is a pure white box with a label insert in Black and white.  Its printed on one big sheet and the instructions, they do recommend you trace, but I cut as that’s how i like to work.  The instruction book is simple and sleek, very graphical and easy to read.  I loved unwrapping this pattern and was just SEW excited to get started on it.

Overall, it is a very easy pattern to make, i did add a bit extra to the body as I wanted it loose and was worried i may reveal some lumps and bumps. The material I used was a very fine Jersey in multi colour.  As much as I needed some lighter summer basics, I am looking forward to using a stiffer fabric for my next attempt (of which there will be many I am sure)  The length is just perfect for me, although I am not sure I can pull off the length of the crop version, I might give that one a miss to be honest.

I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone, Its great for a beginner that is making the transition form high street to Me Made as it looks like it was picked of the peg at Topshop or H&M.

I am currently awaiting a quilted Jersey in white for my next attempt at this.



Made by Me: Sewliberated – Schoolhouse Tunic


Made By Me:  The Sewliberated Schoolhouse Tunic

This is the Picture that made me love this dress.  I just love this look, especially with the boots, its effortless chic and simple.  I have yet to find the exact same/as near as possible fabric as the picture, but i will as it is SEW perfect.

Being so impatient (sew impatient?) and not wanting to wait for the post, I downloaded it and printed it.  I don’t mind the PDF format but I like having a collection of neat patterns in their sleeves, although I do really enjoy pattern piecing together.  Its kind of therapeutic in a methodical kinda of way, like flat packs ( I love flat packs too… people have told me that i am crazy until they need help making one!)

I went for a light denim stretch that I had ordered online, With black and grey tonal flowers.  Yes i am aware that it is summer, but I like having something for the colder days.

This was bought from the textile centre but through their ebay store.  They have a very impressive collection at amazing prices, I have ordered some more that are still to be delivered (again through ebay).



A note about the fit, i measured myself and found that i was just short of the top size.  i panicked and added an inch each side.  I DID NOT NEED THIS.  I ended up cutting it off and just sewing the normal size, with room to spare.  So don’t panic if the same happens to you, maybe test it out with a toile.  Another note on sizing :  I am very short, this dress was the perfect length… taller ladies remember it is a tunic and adjust acordingly.


Here you can see the inch added to the pattern in chalk, it was later cut off)

This is a relatively simple sew, any beginner could pick this up, and it dosn’t look simple when finished, with the pleats and hem.  I found it a complete joy to sew and the instructions have beautiful little hand drawn diagrams that I just adore.

This is the finished product:

I am just in love with it.  I love how the bust is so suited to girls with boobs, and i always wear vests underneath anyway.  The pleats are just divine, and the fabric just skims over any lumps and bumps. I chose the elasticated arms and I think this may be something I will incorporate into other patterns as I love the look on.

Ideally i would pair this with some boots like the girl in the pic, but hey i am trying to force summer on myself with the sandals.  For an even more casual and easier look i would probably chuck it on over a classic black legging.

Overall, i think that i have found a new fave pattern.  Some of my fabric stash that i have tagged for other projects is now being reconsidered for this.  I have a beautiful light cotton paisley print that is begging to be a Schoolhouse tunic.  Its just a matter of time….

If you need more inspo I spent more time that I care to share looking at other peoples on instagram!   I suggest you do the same.


Until the next sew



Fabric Haul: Girl Charlee

Another day, another delivery.  I really must stop this late night shopping it is becoming an issue.  July = fabric ban… but tbf i have enough to last me a while so in reality its not gonna do much good.

I am a sucker for a discount, so after spotting a 20% off on Instagram, I had to look, then had to buy.  And i am not disappointed:

Some of you have already seen this thing of beauty I was unwrapping:IMG_20160630_163047

What a joy!  All beautiful Jersey Knits and amazingly some colour amongst the black and white, can you believe it?

This bundle was from a site called Girl Charlee and from this small section I bought, I can tell they know a good kint!  This is what I bought:

(From top Left- All prices per metre)

  • Purple Fuchsia Tie Dye Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric – 2m @ £7.45 

This is a soft cotton rayon jersey blend… and it is just has the most divine feel.  The colour is  purple and fuchsia, with the pattern almost bleached out and contrasting with the colours.  I LOVE this design, I cannot wait to sew something with it.  I am thinking either a cute summer cover up or a maxi.  Still undecided!  Buy here.

  • Magenta Grey Watercolour Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric – 2m @ £6.95

Another attempt at colour for me, quite similar to what I recently made an Inari from, but I just adore the grey with the bright colour, and the almost burnout style and slightly see through nature of this fabric.  It has a very grunge feel to it, I can totally see this as a smock dress festival style for me.  Pick yours up here

  • Exposed Photo Floral Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric – 2m @£8.95

This is the only fabric I wasn’t 100% happy with, but its a slight issue, but mainly with myself.  The picture looked amazing online, but holding it I couldn’t help but feel that I would have to be careful with this and not make anything too frumpy from it as it doesn’t look as modern as it did online.  TBH its more my personal taste than the fabric.  The feel of the fabric is slightly heavier than the others and amazing.  Thinking maybe go for leggings and a matching vest top… something a bit different.  Look for yourself here.

  • Black Distressed Vertical Ethnic on Ivory Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric – 2m @ £6.45

I have had my eye on a few tribal prints elsewhere, but the business of this one is what made me add it to my basket, It is just so full and the distressed look really works with ethnic ridged patterns to soften them.  Again a great feel to the fabric, light and soft.  Take a look here

  • Gothic Stamped Cross White Modal Cotton Spandex Knit Fabric – 3m @ £7.95

OMG, my inner goth had a heart attack when I saw this, it is the most perfect facric for me EVER.  The crosses are grey and wishy-washy looking, and the repeat of the pattern just works!  I ordered 3m and something tells me I may end up getting more to bulk up in some good basics to mix and match this pattern into my wardrobe.  It has a beautiful heaviness to it, I cannot recommend it enough!

  • Slightly Flawed White Ethnic Diamond Burnout Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric 3m @ £3.45

When I read ‘slightly flawed’ I though to myself it was best to buy a bit extra and work around it.  Honestly, it was so slight I could have got away with just 2 metres, but am happy with extra as I have chosen this fabric for my Named Clothing Kielo Wrap  (to which they have just added a sleeve download) I just think this slight see through burnout lends itself to that pattern and is light enough to wear stuff underneath.


The site itself was easy to navigate and the picture easy to scroll through at a glance, everything was laid out in categories well.  Although, not as contemporary as other sites, I loved the graphic and overall feel (the group picture in the about us section is always a nice touch)  At the time of ordering it was a lovely 20% off, but If not you can sign up and get 10%, I got free delivery due to the amount I bought, but I am sure it will be easy to find out if you just want one or two pieces.

I am definitely coming back to this site, budget is what made me stop at six fabrics, but definitely for a while my basket (before editing it down) was bulging!

Check these guys out and watch this space for some amazing knit creations in the near future…



Busy busy…

Just a quick update before bed.
I finally posted Saturdays blog today (see previous)
Since then I have been mainly on the machine creating beautiful things.
The shatta multicoloured fabric has become my Inari by named clothing.
I will do a full review but honestly such a beutiful piece and I enjoyed making it.
My stretch denim (that turned up sunday) became a gorgeous schoolhouse tunic. Again I have notes to type up about those and pictures to model for.
I have realised that I am blogging without mentioning The Great British Sewing Bee! Strange how it’s been running alongside my major sewing journey.  I just love it,  I love Esme and Patrick is as Dashing as always! And who else could be as mad a Claudia… I have total fringe and eyeliner envy for that girl!
I was backing the Irish girl to win (sorry her name escapes me) but since her departure Jade is my no.1. I love Joyce too as I feel I have the exact same approach to sewing as she,  but Jade does make things that I myself would wear.  Cannot believe it is last one next week.
Keeping me busy this week was also making patterns. I joint the site and it has loads of free patterns and tutorials to match. Yes it is in Polish and Google page translate is a bit of a bugger, just attack it with common sense and you will be fine.

Also if you don’t follow me on instagram please do I am addicted and more visual than tappy tappy blogger. Plus I have a twitter now too. (Links all over the page)

Add me. You know how much you want to nosey.

To do list now is…
Put poppers on shirt dress when popper press arrives.
Collars on Inari and Purple dress to finish.
Pick fabric to tackle a lot ty (currently waiting for 2 options)
Order what I actually need, not just what I want: black chiffon, black crepe for Aphrodite pattern and maybe a metre of lace for the back panel.

Busy, busy, busy… but I love it.

P.s do you like my header? It was a bit of a random one but it is all things from my sewing box and my set of stamps. I hope it looks cool enough…

D-day and Mini Christmas:

All the deliveries turned up today.  Well 4, i still have a few coming.

I had hoped the partner would not be present, unfortunately he answered the door. Luckily he doesn’t really mind…it keeps me quiet. I just feel bad because it looks bad when SO much turns up at once.

What I got and From where:

Obviously, if you are here from my Instagram, you have seen the photos, but heres the list:

The Fabric Godmother was my biggest order of the day:


  • Top Left: Grey Daze Satin @ £7.99 per metre.
  • Top Right: Wave Jaquard Jersey @ £8.99 per metre
  • Bottom Left: Multicoloured Shatta Jersey @£7.99
  • I AM PATTERNS: Aphrodite Dress @ £13.50

Shipping was a flat rate of £2.50, which is good for the chubby parcel I got.  I am so happy with all of my purchases, the shatta fabric is my favourite.  I was pleasently suprised with the Jaquard Jersey as it is nice and fat and thick, plus the reverse is just screaming out for a turned up cuff or a reverse insert:


I cannot recommend these guys enough, I am totally going to be a return customer.  They have some AMAZING pieces and the website is neat and lovely.

Backstitch was another order, this time only a pattern but I had a good look at their fabrics whilst there and I am very impressed.  Future purchase alert after I make a dent in my stash.

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will see that I have the named clothing Inari Tee dress and the Lottie.

Can’t wait to get going.

Long Time Coming…

I thought that I would document my journey into sewing, but for those who follow me on Instagram know that I have been at it for a while now.  My twitter was started in march and only posted the second tweet today… bear with me guys!

The best way to get something done is by starting… so here it is.  I shouldn’t be short of things to type as I am a prolific sewer AND I have a back log of garments to talk about.

Its been an interesting journey so far, fed up with never finding things I liked in shops and resenting paying out for decent basics that were never quite right has motivated me to make my own clothes.  I have always sewn, but it was more of a necessity than a hobby (seat covers, curtains, repairs etc)  During my Uni days I played around with sewing as a medium and had some great results, again it was something separate, not something I incorporated into the everyday.

Making your own clothing is a strange thing, and quite a brave first step.  I do have to admit i was rather snobby about people who wore their own creations, and in my defence i had good reason:  Sometimes it can be quite ‘Frumpy’ and so far apart from fashion. I would imagine older women attaching fabric flowers to green tweed and fox patterned items, I imagined Linens and layers… luckily a quick search on Instagram introduced me to many women and men, like myself, who made things that I wanted to wear too.

So here I am, 4 months in, a bulging fabric stash, a wardrobe full of new clothes and patterns coming through the door almost daily!

My main love is Instagram, I love posting and looking as I am a very visual person, but this blog will make me focus more, maybe think things through a little, by writing in down before it flutters away.

Hope you enjoy




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