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Made by Me: Polka Dot Dress

I nabbed this thin woven Polka dot from my cheap shop.  I fell for the type of polka dot instantly, it just felt so 80s to me;  Big black dots, spaced well apart, combine with the lightness of material, i felt it was say ‘batwing’ to me.

When I got it home, I instantly regretted only getting three metres of the stuff.  I should have doubled the length as I ended up wanting to use it for a Wear Lemonade Dita, which needs about 5-6 metres depending on pattern repeat.  The last Dita I made was too heavy with the choice of fabric being a slightly thick Jersey, so I am desperate to get a decent summer version.

I did pop back to the store for some extra, but it was in vain; They have a very high turnover and it was gone.  This left me in a slight predicament, But at least I had a general Idea of shape and style I wanted for the fabric.

After a few sketched ans some internet Inspo, I decided to just go for it and do something I have never done before:  I worked straight into the fabric, literally just cut out a dress shape and just sewed it up!

So How Did It Sew?

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I was so shocked at how stupidly simple it was, then questioned why I had never attempted something like this before.  All I did was have a few rough measurements, add some where i wanted to insert a waist, and shortened the neck at the front.

For the waist I measured out some elastic and just sewed it into the fabric.   I had considered some elastic casing, or drawstring inside.  But the lazy in me come out.  I will add that adding this after the dress is constructed is a bugger to get straight, even though its quick, its not without its difficulties of stretching and pinning.  In fact its very awkward on the machine and I ended up holding the elastic taunt with my mouth as I sewed!

Since I felt I hadn’t done much to the dress, I decided to add a belt and some loops, the rest of the garment was just hemming.  I chose black over white thread to add an accent, as with the elastic.

I honestly can’t recommend giving something like this a go yourself.  Going back to basics is a learning curve in itself, plus for very little effort I now have something I would consider a vintage replica dress.