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My Top 10 Patterns – Part 1: 10 – 6

Disclaimer:  This is about my sewing experience and favourite patterns,  compiled from about a year and a half of serious sewing.  All patterns on this list have been made by me at least once and are in my pattern collection.  I have a pile of newer patterns to try out, so a follow up in the future will definitely be needed… on that note, if you read this and know a pattern I would like, please feel free to leave a comment.  I love a good recommendations (If it isn’t already in the TO DO pile) 

All patterns have been linked, I have put the PDF link where possible, but do search for a paper pattern if you prefer… its just you might want to download it straight away and sew it.

Please not this post has been divided in two, but please be warned its still a long one. x

Part 1:  10 to 6

I have been thinking of this post for a long time, I always say throughout my blog posts that ‘oh it’s one of my top 10 patterns’

But what is that definitive list?

Believe me it was hard to decided just ten, so here they are:

10.  Pauline Alice – Cami Dress

Left and Middle: From Pauline Alice website. 

Right: My version.Check out the Original post here.

This is a very recent addition to the list, but had to be included as it bought my sewing journey full circle .  What I had attempted to draft myself in the early days, I found about 1.5 yrs later in this pattern.  So far I have only made and worn one, but this definitely needs further exploration, and many colours.

9. Made It Patterns – Drop Dress & Top

Pictures from Made It Patterns Website.

This pattern is a bit of an unsung hero of the wardrobe and deserves a place purely for the mileage from one pattern:  I have made many of these in various colours.  Unfortunately, due to them being mainly for my casual round the house wear they don’t lead as glam a life as some of my other hand made pieces.  That’s not to say they are any less important, in fact they do so much more hard work compared to other pieces.  I love this pattern and would also like to include an honorable mention to their other pattern, the GROOVE, which has so much potential with interchanging pieces… including a hood!

My Drop Dress original post is here. If you are curious, the Groove is here.

8. Wear Lemonade – Luisa


Images from Wear Lemonade. Link in title.

Of all the Lemonade patterns I have, I have made the Luisa the most.  With the Luisa I have used it as a base, hacked and shaped it into many other items I love and wear today.  The picture I have shown is the one I love the most and is the Luisa in its purist form.  Of all the smock Dresses I have this one is the most flattering on.


Original Blog post can be seen here.

Bonus points to wear Lemonade for the Video Tutorial (despite me only knowing basic french) which is a great help when making.

7. Ralph Pink – Sahara Shirt


Ralph pink has fast become a favourite of mine, I think it is one of those brands where I feel I want to make ALL they have on offer.  Saying that, my absolute favourite is the Sahara:  It completely embodies everything I love to wear in one garment:  smart, casual and oversized.  I have made a black and a white one and have worn them continuously  for about a year.   You can dress them up, add a belt wear them over stuff.  I will be making more of these soon, hopefully branching out into pattern.  I am just waiting now to find the most perfect fabric to reserve for my favourite garment.

6. Colette Patterns – Moneta

Left:  My favourite Moneta that to date I have made.  See the blog post here. Right:  From Colette Patterns Website.

Moneta has placed quite highly on this list, not just because of the sheer amount I have made, but for how much I have also used it as a base for projects in some way.

It is the ultimate base pattern, and without its help in the beginning of my sewing journey, I may not have experimented as much as I had done without it.

Not to mention how amazing it looks on, all the measurements are perfect.  This is the ultimate basic skater that all Sewers should have in their collection.

Also, a bonus shout out to using about 3 different body types on the site to show how well it suits everyBODY there is.  Thanks guys.


So that is my 10 – 6… Part 2 will be published in a few days and before 2017 ends, so keep an eye out here, and definitely on my Instagram.  If you want to join in with the countdown, feel free to add your own with the #mytop10patterns, I would love to see what you think.


Made By Me: Colette Patterns Moneta x2!

Oh Moneta, what a wonderful simple sew you are!  I feel that despite no darts around the bust, this dress is close to perfect.  I think I have found my go to skater style dress.


The Pattern itself is beautiful, I love the perfect blend of a vintage feeling piece, yet feels modern.  It is still one of my faves, I love how it feels like a book but has the pattern tucked in the back.  The instructions are simple, and well designed, the paper and texture of the cover give a vintage feel.

The sew itself was ridiculously simple, My first attempt was the version with the 3/4 length sleeves.  The material I chose was not one that was recommended, but I felt comfortable using for this pattern with my level of experience.  I SHOULD have included maybe an extra 1-2cm to even out the fabric not having too much stretch, but once on it didn’t look too snug and actually complimented the boobs a bit more.  The fabric was a slight stretch graphic print that I found in a dump bin for £5.  I got about 2-3 metres ish but it was roughly sewn together, so i had a mission to cut the pattern out around it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At first I was unsure of the print ( I am unsure of all print to be fair…) but i felt it had a modern feel, like it could possibly be found in a Topshop as part of a collection.  Then I questioned my use of it on a more traditional silhouette, i was considering a shift or smock top.  But i am glad I went with it.  The back has a long zip in an eggshell blue that compliments the slight blue in the pattern.  I made this when I went blonde, but with the Pink Hair I adore this!  It just works, and still looks cool although technically it is a floral dress.

I did not line this as the pattern suggested, I just felt that the fabric has a slight thickness to it that if lined, maybe to hot for summer.

The Hem was a pain in the bum with this material, I was trying out my rolled hem foot, its a bit wonky in places but overall a good attempt.  In the future, I may shorten it slightly and cheer the hem up to my perfectionist standard.

A couple of Days (if that) later, I was bitten by the Moneta bug again and whipped up this little beauty:


I chopped 12cm off the bottom to give it a modern length and experimented with a long sleeve as I LOVE A SLEEVE.  The material was some grey speckle thick jersey I had laying about.  TBF, yes i know it is not as beautiful as the first attempt, but this I will wear the shit out of!

Both of these were made a while back (13 weeks according to instagram) and I am yet to make another.  the reason for this is mainly because I have been pushing my sewing and trying different things.  I will pick this back up going into Autumn:

The moneta + tights + long sleeves + boots = Happy winter me.