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The Gothic Marshmallow

I had this Idea for a Sheer oversized dress/tunic rolling around in my head for the longest of times before i realised I had the perfect pattern in my collection:  Cocowawa’s The Marshmallow Dress

This isn’t the first dress I have made, I made myself a Christmas dress with it one year in a beautiful blue tartan (check that out here)  When it was first released I loved seeing other peoples versions online; i swooned over the peter pan collars, bows and gorgeous fabrics they used.  Overall it helped me confirm my wanting to make this dress, but I also think sometimes it can be distracting to see a patterns full potential, especially in a sheer fabric.

One version I loved above all, was The Petite Cats’s version;  a copycat of the red Valentino dress (see that here)  This was the first time from all the makes I have seen online that really put the potential of this pattern into perspective.  It lifted it from homemade crazy patterned clothing to high end functioning fashion in one pic.  Not to mention that beautiful pussy Bow.  And so (sew?) the seed of inspiration was set.

So How did it Sew:

I decided to go down the sheer basic black for my version, thus creating THE GOTHIC MARSHMALLOW (also my metal band name if I ever have one!)

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This dress, is an easy make, not just because I had made one before, but because I picked the most streamline basic version of this pattern (no collar, no bow, just the dress)

The fabric was a pain in the Booty to cut, but strangely not an issue to sew as it sort of held to itself.  I think it helped that I avoided pinning and just rammed it through the over locker, which has become my style lately.  To be honest I COULD have done a french seam here, but it really doesn’t notice at all, even though the sheer fabric.

The only fiddly bit was the buttons, but that can be said for all buttoned patterns.  What I like about this dress is the freedom to wear it wither way/ back to front.  Depending on what look i want to go for.

I absolutely love this dress, so much so that after my mini photo shot i put it back on and wore it for the rest of the day.

I love the casual Gothic aesthetic this dress has, almost like a comfy vampire.  I love the subtle ruffle detail that gives it an amazing shape.  For someone who wears mainly oversized clothing, these little details are really important and add a lot of variety to your silhouette.

I am tempted to make, like the petite cat, a more dressed up version with a gorgeous Pussy bow.  But for now this plan is shelved and put into the ‘needs the perfect fabric’ pile.


My Pattern: Oversized Stripe Tee

This Interesting Jersey fabric has been lurking round in my stash for a while.  As a sucker for stripes, I try to get as much variety with them as possible:  So big white gaps and large groups of thin dark lines are somewhat of a variation.

The fabric is extremely lightweight and I bought about 5 metres.  Because of this I wanted to invest at least half of the length I had available into an oversized tee/dress.

So How Did Sew?

Date completed: 30th April 2017

This is an extremely simple sew, I have made many tops like this (check out this post here)

This one I made slightly bigger and longer, this is because I wanted to start gathering and tying the fabric to create different shapes.  I had seen this done with scarves and oversized dresses, all done with just some small elastics.  In exploring Me made wardrobes, one thing I want to explore more is refashion or re wearing the same item differently.  This was just one of the more simple methods:

Note:  I have shown the gathered elastic on the outside, the intention is to wear this on the inside, hidden.  This was purely to demonstrate.

Again, this is not the last of the oversized tees, I will make MANY more as I wear them to death!  I just need ALL the colours.