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Made by Me: The Geodesic Jumper

As much as I love this pattern, I made it a small disaster for myself by picking the worst fabric!

I think its good for you guys to see that even a year down the line into my fully fledge sewing hobby, I still manage to get it wrong sometimes and I am in no way perfect!  Yes as well as reaping the benefits of my beautiful makes, I also have some of the worst hair pulling moments of rage with it too!

I had searched High and Low for a sweatshirt fabric, or a french terry, knowing I wanted to make the Geodesic Jumper from Blueprints For Sewing I knew I was after a nude, but i could not find any for love nor money.

I ended up spotting some on my Ebay shop i follow, it was a random recommendation e-mail, I felt it was a sign.  Now before I continue, I should stress that this is not a bad fabric, or a cheap fabric; It is purely the wrong fabric for the wrong pattern, it just didnt gel.  I now know that it needs a fabric with more structure.  The fabric I had would have easily suited a normal plain sweatshirt better.

So How Did It Sew?

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I originally went for the long version as i knew I would wear that the most, unfortunately, due to struggleing to match the triangles (even with hand sewing them into place before putting them through the machiene) I abandoned the bottom row and just added the wasit band.

I love the looseness of the fabric and the movement it has.  It gave the whole garment a baggy oversized feel.  Unfortunately, that is what also made it near impossible to control.

I will tackle this pattern again, but definitely on the back burner whilst I wait for the perfect fabric and colder weather!


Made by Me: Kalle Shirt Dress Pattern

Sometimes when a pattern drops, and everyone is making it, its hard to resist.  Especially when you had been looking for a decent basic shirt/shirt dress like the Kalle from Closet case.  Also, as a side note, check out how beautiful the model is they use… and each version photographed is EXACTLY a version I would sew and wear myself!

In an attempt to stash bust, I opted for a nude/beige Peach skin I had failed to use on an oversized shirt a while back.  It seemed like the perfect choice, soft and structured, yet light for summer.

I went for the PDF on this one as I wanted it instantly, and its simple to put together.  I like the small triangles and an outline.  The instructions are clear and concise.  I love the interchangeable options of the patterns itself: long/short sleeves, various collars and different button plackets all make you want to make more than just the one option.  And with so much choice, each make can have something different.

So How Did it Sew?

On my make, I opted for the long length, plain button placket with a grandad collar.  I plan to wear it open at the collar.

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Date Completed: 30th April 2017

A massive plus point for this patterns is the size variation, I made a 20 but honestly, could probably go down a couple of sizes and it still be oversized.  Comfortable as well as more fitted, but I love this look, its just so simple.  I especially love the bottom Hem, something so simple can make a shirt look structured and so much more.

Altogether, this was a pretty easy sew, the only issue I had was loosing my place in the pattern: with so many different option pieces, if you take your eyes off the section, you can easily loose it.  But this can also be seen as a me issue with my crazy brain, Yes you can follow the pictures, but maybe being broken up into sections would help more.

One thing  I would love to do is try to hack this in some way, maybe with a long sleeve of sorts, possibly with a button loop to take it to a shorter sleeve.  This idea seed needs time to grow.

Overall this is now one of my fave shirts, as I get so many complements about it whilst wearing it.  Definitely a wardrobe staple.