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My Pattern: Oversized Stripe Tee

This Interesting Jersey fabric has been lurking round in my stash for a while.  As a sucker for stripes, I try to get as much variety with them as possible:  So big white gaps and large groups of thin dark lines are somewhat of a variation.

The fabric is extremely lightweight and I bought about 5 metres.  Because of this I wanted to invest at least half of the length I had available into an oversized tee/dress.

So How Did Sew?

Date completed: 30th April 2017

This is an extremely simple sew, I have made many tops like this (check out this post here)

This one I made slightly bigger and longer, this is because I wanted to start gathering and tying the fabric to create different shapes.  I had seen this done with scarves and oversized dresses, all done with just some small elastics.  In exploring Me made wardrobes, one thing I want to explore more is refashion or re wearing the same item differently.  This was just one of the more simple methods:

Note:  I have shown the gathered elastic on the outside, the intention is to wear this on the inside, hidden.  This was purely to demonstrate.

Again, this is not the last of the oversized tees, I will make MANY more as I wear them to death!  I just need ALL the colours.

Made By Me – Oversized Tee X2

I made these both in the same night, at the same time.  Both had the privilege of being made on my overlocker, ii think this was the night I finished one thing and made 3 more… it was a sewing binge!

Both fabrics were from my cheap shop, although i had to make the white version arm from a thicker Jersey as I hadn’t enough.  I hope it doesn’t notice too much, but I do like using my scraps up… it justifys keeping them.

I adore the mink/grey/mauve colour (and its about as colourful as my basics get) it makes a change from the usual black/white.grey repeat i tend to live by.

Both were exactly the same size including the sleeves.

I went for the extremely simple version of fold and attach at the seam with the sleeves.  Its super easy, quick… but also looks extremely neat when on.

Made By Me – My Pattern – Oversized Tee

So we are a fair way through the #sewphotohop challenge (check it out here) and today made me realise I have a lot in  my back catalogue to blog about.

Since I made two more similar tops recently, I felt it was time to blog about my favourite make, the one I am wearing to death and one of the reasons I am on this mad sewing journey:

The Oversized Tee

I just love this look, i went  for a bold stripe as I had been seeing around a few clothing shops.  One called this stripe: The Pugsly, and I can see why.  It does fall happily into that Addams family goth vibe that i love.  Here i have styled it with the boots, but tbh leggings and some sandals have been paired with this regularly.  It hides a multitude of sins under the excess material, but it can be pulled in with a belt too.

Its so simple to make, you just need a few key measurements (plus your chosen seam allowance)

  1.  Where you want your sleeve to start (i.e. mines just past the Elbow) across to the other.  This is your width.
  2.  The top of your shoulder to where you want it to end (Length) plus hem allowance. (remember as you put it in the bottom corner will drop more than the centre does)
  3. The arms are the same – I made mine slightly longer for a ruched effect, but measure your length, then diagonal cut folded from write measurement to measurement of where the sleeve will sit on the arm.

I have found it easier and quicker to fold in half then cut a head hole, rather than seam a shoulder.  This is entirely up to you. some prefer cutting, i prefer a fold as i feel on me it sits better on the shoulders.  Check out the Diagram below.

Its pretty self explanatory anyways. But because its so simple it is one that everyone must try.  I will definitely be making more, especially as something similar, say, in urban outfitters would cost me a fortune.

I am planning some lace ones for layering this Autumn, just need to get to my fabric shop to make that happen.