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Made by Me – The Dress Shirt

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I wish I had thought of that’?

Well that is basically Merchant and Mills for me…

Honestly, I get it, I get their concept, I buy into it, I LOVE IT.

I sat watching their little videos on their site, and I was just so in love with them as a brand.  Simple, understated backed up with being stylish and well designed.  I am yet to find fault.  I am even impressed how they barged through gender bias and it is simply for ‘Makers’… not just focusing on women traditional sewers.

My chosen fabric was this little beauty from Fabworks.  I am a sucker for feathers, and grey, and this seems perfect.  I really love their fabrics, I will be doing another order from them when I justify it… and maybe when they get the constellations fabric back in stock (hint hint)

I had seen Merchant and Mills about on Instagram, various makes and patterns.  At first I wasn’t overly excited, until I saw The Dress Shirt.  It was exactly what I was looking for, just a simple pull on shirt style dress, casual but with structure.

The pattern is gorgeous, it has that vintage feel of an older pattern, with simple fonts and graphics.  The envelope itself is just a black and white picture of their dress made up, with their logo.  The instructions have amazing little hand drawn pics on, and super easy to follow, if a newbie fancies a challenge, this could be it.

So how did it sew…


It went great. The only adjustment I would make is the sleeves need to be gathered in for me… otherwise it is perfect.  The sizing is amazing and the length is just right.  The grey has turned out quite light, almost blue, therefore I have not worn it as much as some of my me mades.  I feel like Wendy Darling from Peter Pan in it, as it is as comfortable as a night gown, and a similar colour.  I definitely need a black one of these bad boys, and possible a wine colour for Autumn, in a thicker material.

Overall, a massive success.  It is exactly what I wanted, it is timeless piece i will pull out again and I want to make more in ALL THE COLOURS. Definitely recommend.  Just need to figure out what Merchant and mills pattern to try next!

Keep an eye on my Instagram for continuous updates on what i am working on at the mo…

Made By Me – Keilo

I thought it was about time that I wrote about this pattern as I have worn one of the dresses I have made to death this summer.

Named Clothing are fast becoming one of my favourite pattern brands, I don’t love everything they do, but I adore what I have, and actually wear them regularly.  (For example the Inari!  omg how many do I have now)

At first i was reluctant to order this for myself as it was sleeveless, then the added the free sleeve add on for the pattern, and it definitely sealed the deal for me.

Here is my Keilo – I opted for the long sleeve maxi version:

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(please ignore the small dog that wandered into every shot)

The fabric was a light white burnout Jersey that I got a while back from Girl Charlee.  It was reduced due to being slightly damaged.  To be fair, it was very slight and very easy to cut round.  It is such a great summer fabric and perfect for this make, or any maxi.  I like the slight see through quality as it adds dimension to the piece.

The pattern itself was classic Named clothing, sleek and simple.  The only issue I had with this item is I would have preferred to download and print a PDF.  This is something unheard of from me, as I love Paper patterns, but it was layered therefore had to be traced.  Its not a problem, its just what i would prefer and what i find easier to do.  If i could print it I would have mad a couple then stuck them together, it probably would have been jest as quick as tracing.  But as this was my first pattern for tracing, it forced me into trying Swedish tracing paper, which i never would have tried otherwise.  So it is a positive learning experience.

The actual make it incredible simple, even with the added arm piece to the pattern, it took me no time at all.  Being short i had to chop a bit off the bottom, but thats expected with a pattern, some sizing is required.  One thing I had an issue with, maybe being plus size, was the length of the ties… in my second attempt (which i will blog about in the near future) I made them incredibly long then cut them to size.  This method was more successful.

I made this dress at the beginning of summer, and have worn it SO many times.  Its such an easy piece to throw on and look great.  Being so thing it is the perfect summer dress.  Unfortunately, I wore it so much that i caught it and ripped it… twice.  Totally my fault.  But is easy to patch and not noticeable with the pattern.

I don’t think this would be in my winter wardrobe, even in a thicker material.  The material needs to be light as to not bulk when wrapped around the body.

Overall this is a summer staple now for me. Definitely my go to maxi.


Made By Me – My Pattern – Oversized Tee

So we are a fair way through the #sewphotohop challenge (check it out here) and today made me realise I have a lot in  my back catalogue to blog about.

Since I made two more similar tops recently, I felt it was time to blog about my favourite make, the one I am wearing to death and one of the reasons I am on this mad sewing journey:

The Oversized Tee

I just love this look, i went  for a bold stripe as I had been seeing around a few clothing shops.  One called this stripe: The Pugsly, and I can see why.  It does fall happily into that Addams family goth vibe that i love.  Here i have styled it with the boots, but tbh leggings and some sandals have been paired with this regularly.  It hides a multitude of sins under the excess material, but it can be pulled in with a belt too.

Its so simple to make, you just need a few key measurements (plus your chosen seam allowance)

  1.  Where you want your sleeve to start (i.e. mines just past the Elbow) across to the other.  This is your width.
  2.  The top of your shoulder to where you want it to end (Length) plus hem allowance. (remember as you put it in the bottom corner will drop more than the centre does)
  3. The arms are the same – I made mine slightly longer for a ruched effect, but measure your length, then diagonal cut folded from write measurement to measurement of where the sleeve will sit on the arm.

I have found it easier and quicker to fold in half then cut a head hole, rather than seam a shoulder.  This is entirely up to you. some prefer cutting, i prefer a fold as i feel on me it sits better on the shoulders.  Check out the Diagram below.

Its pretty self explanatory anyways. But because its so simple it is one that everyone must try.  I will definitely be making more, especially as something similar, say, in urban outfitters would cost me a fortune.

I am planning some lace ones for layering this Autumn, just need to get to my fabric shop to make that happen.

Made By Me: Colette Patterns Moneta x2!

Oh Moneta, what a wonderful simple sew you are!  I feel that despite no darts around the bust, this dress is close to perfect.  I think I have found my go to skater style dress.


The Pattern itself is beautiful, I love the perfect blend of a vintage feeling piece, yet feels modern.  It is still one of my faves, I love how it feels like a book but has the pattern tucked in the back.  The instructions are simple, and well designed, the paper and texture of the cover give a vintage feel.

The sew itself was ridiculously simple, My first attempt was the version with the 3/4 length sleeves.  The material I chose was not one that was recommended, but I felt comfortable using for this pattern with my level of experience.  I SHOULD have included maybe an extra 1-2cm to even out the fabric not having too much stretch, but once on it didn’t look too snug and actually complimented the boobs a bit more.  The fabric was a slight stretch graphic print that I found in a dump bin for £5.  I got about 2-3 metres ish but it was roughly sewn together, so i had a mission to cut the pattern out around it.

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At first I was unsure of the print ( I am unsure of all print to be fair…) but i felt it had a modern feel, like it could possibly be found in a Topshop as part of a collection.  Then I questioned my use of it on a more traditional silhouette, i was considering a shift or smock top.  But i am glad I went with it.  The back has a long zip in an eggshell blue that compliments the slight blue in the pattern.  I made this when I went blonde, but with the Pink Hair I adore this!  It just works, and still looks cool although technically it is a floral dress.

I did not line this as the pattern suggested, I just felt that the fabric has a slight thickness to it that if lined, maybe to hot for summer.

The Hem was a pain in the bum with this material, I was trying out my rolled hem foot, its a bit wonky in places but overall a good attempt.  In the future, I may shorten it slightly and cheer the hem up to my perfectionist standard.

A couple of Days (if that) later, I was bitten by the Moneta bug again and whipped up this little beauty:


I chopped 12cm off the bottom to give it a modern length and experimented with a long sleeve as I LOVE A SLEEVE.  The material was some grey speckle thick jersey I had laying about.  TBF, yes i know it is not as beautiful as the first attempt, but this I will wear the shit out of!

Both of these were made a while back (13 weeks according to instagram) and I am yet to make another.  the reason for this is mainly because I have been pushing my sewing and trying different things.  I will pick this back up going into Autumn:

The moneta + tights + long sleeves + boots = Happy winter me.


Pattern Repeat: Inari Tee Dress

Pattern Repeat: Inari Tee

I have a feeling I may make one in every colour. This dress is ridiculously comfortable and looks great, even if you just chuck it on quick with some glasses and a messy bun.

The first attempt was made from a very thin Jersey, as I was in desperate need of some thin clothing for the impending, but delayed, British heat wave.  I have very little suitable and comfortable summer clothing and seem to stock pile items i love, some I have had 3-4 years.  Good basics can be hard to come by, hence my attempt at making them.

The fabric I chose for the second attempt was a thicker, more structured Mid Weight Quilted Cloqué Jersey.  I had purchased this not particularly knowing what to do with it, but knowing I wanted it, from the Textile Centre along with some other bits.

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Please ignore the poesy pics, sometimes it can be a difficult task photographing ones self.  The strange little waving pic is me showing off my skull bangle from Fou Jewellery, as well as my simple skull necklace (both silver)

The dress is more than just an oversized tee, with the structured fabric it feels much more.  The quality is lovely and the stiffness on the sleeves with the band really make them stand out, giving a lovely shape.  I love the white, but it isn’t boring due to the texture.

I have worn this out already, and even though it was hot where i was, the slight thickness of the fabric was not an issue.  And yes, i made it through the day with no spills (i even had a red slush puppy ffs) up until i had an ice cream… then i dripped chocolate down it.  To be fair, that is an achievement for someone as messy as me.

I have already planned to explore Brocade with this pattern, just trying to fins one that has a simple or no pattern that is suitable for my colour pallette.

Added bonus: Photos of my first attempt:

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Totally loving my new pink hair, I look like a cross between fluttershy and a jigglypuff!



Made By Me: Named Clothing – Inari

Made By Me:  Named Clothing ~ Inari Tee Dress

(mine was purchased from Backstitch)

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One of the reasons I got into sewing and wanting to make my own clothing was purely due to the lack of good basics available, especially in my size.  I had seen much hype on the Inari within the online sewing community.  It looked sleek and simple, and most importantly long. I had slight issue with short sleeves as i hate showing my arms, but I am glad I ignored that and bought it anyways.

The packaging, as with all Named clothing Patterns is beautiful.  It is a pure white box with a label insert in Black and white.  Its printed on one big sheet and the instructions, they do recommend you trace, but I cut as that’s how i like to work.  The instruction book is simple and sleek, very graphical and easy to read.  I loved unwrapping this pattern and was just SEW excited to get started on it.

Overall, it is a very easy pattern to make, i did add a bit extra to the body as I wanted it loose and was worried i may reveal some lumps and bumps. The material I used was a very fine Jersey in multi colour.  As much as I needed some lighter summer basics, I am looking forward to using a stiffer fabric for my next attempt (of which there will be many I am sure)  The length is just perfect for me, although I am not sure I can pull off the length of the crop version, I might give that one a miss to be honest.

I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone, Its great for a beginner that is making the transition form high street to Me Made as it looks like it was picked of the peg at Topshop or H&M.

I am currently awaiting a quilted Jersey in white for my next attempt at this.