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Ready to Sew: Jamie x2

Ready to Sew are one of my favourite pattern companies, including my recent purchase I have Seven of their patterns, and the Jude I have made a ridiculous amount of times.

My latest purchase was with the release of the Jack cardigan.  Oh what a perfect little cardi it is!  I was so happy with my first make that I dug deep into the stash and made a second, which I also equally love.

So How Did It Sew?

First, lets talk about the pattern.  As having a lot of experience with their patterns, this is no different.  It is a perfect pattern for all levels, and a great beginner (the Jamie itself it classed as Advanced Beginner)  The Layout and Diagrams in the Instructions are close to perfection by sewing standards.  They are so simple and easy.

What I love about Ready to Sew Items is that they are fashionable and timeless.  I make them the most because they just slot into my everyday wardrobe so easily.  And the Jamie is no exception.  It just adds something to my wardrobe, since the arms are slightly puffy at the cuff I get a more Bomber/sports jacket feel to it, other than just a cardigan.

I choose to use an old Scuba with a grey pattern, and a black and white geometric grid pattern.

The Grey Version:

This fabric was from my cheap shop and it is a Jersey scuba.  It is very thick and perfect for a more heavyweight cardigan such as this.  The pattern placement was key with this piece and I even pattern matched the pockets.

The Geometric Version:

This has a slight beige tone to the fabric, and came from an ebay haul I did way back when I didn’t know much about fabrics.  Turns out it is perfect for a Jamie, and has a nice stiffness to it that gives the cardigan some shape.

Overall I think I have finally found a go to Cardigan Pattern.  I would also like to hack it and maybe bring it down over the bum and to the thigh area, but after two in such a short time I will leave that for future me.


Made By Me: Janis – Ready to Sew

Whilst purchasing the Jolene, I snuck a Janis into my basket for good measure.  It seemed to balance out my dress to other clothing items ratio;  I could justify another dress pattern with the purchase of a top.

I am a massive fan of ready to sew, so I was eager to see this completed.

The pattern as a pdf was easy to put together, the instructions as as always excellent from ready to sew.

One thing I will like to mention with them is the absolute beautiful options on the website.  It started with my purchase of Jude, I noticed the extent they went to to show all the possibilities of their pattern.  I know that others do this, but Ready to sew always seem to show things that I myself would like to make and wear.

So How did it sew?


Top Row: Loop at front  – Bottom Row:  Loop on Back

The material I chose was almost ribbed scuba.  It was part of the stash and I had planned to use it for a casual blazer, but I let the fabric speak to me… and it said JANIS!  Ordinarily, I would not have chose this fabric if I had gone shopping specifically for a fabric to use with this pattern.  Next time will definitely choose a thinner fabric.  This one was good for the main part of the garment, but I soon realised that the folded over lining had started to bulk and snag and didn’t look great.  Especially when I lightly stitched it in place.  It may need to be either removed and left with a raw edge, or possibly a wonder Webb or fabric glue job!

It may need a few tweaks before I wear it , but this was all to do with my fabric choice, The actual garment is amazingly beautiful and flattering on… also the fact is doesn’t matter which way you put it on is a bonus for the lazy fashionista in me… I mean come on!  Its white, I am bound to drop something down me, now if i do I can just turn it round and wear it backwards!


Best Basics: the 2 judes

I love my Jude, I have worn it so much that the grey Jersey has started to bobble slightly.  I decided it is time for more Judes… as many as possible!  But a good start would be making a black and white version.

The white fabric is very thin in prep for summer.  The black is slightly heavier, but I feel it can transition into Autumn too.

I love sewing a Jude, although I do have to use both my machines to make them ( I refuse to hand gather as a machine is much neater and even)

So How Did They Sew?

With the white I went for an open bottom, purely to vary them slightly, although I do prefer a gathered band bottom.  It’s made from the white Jersey I have bought in bulk, it’s slightly thin but its perfect for summer.  I may have to revisit the hem as it went a bit crazy.  This may be because its my first official Jude without a base band.

The black, due to the give, needed to be taken in at the base slightly.

Both use the blind serger technique on the cuffs which is an absolute must if you love jersey, its just beyond simple.  Just a fold and a press, then if you want you can sew a neat line to hold it in place.  Check it out if you are not already familiar with it.

Pattern: Jolene – Ready to Sew

Well, What a flood of great patterns I have seen on Instagram of late.  It seems the moment I go on an official pattern ban is the exact same time everyone releases new patterns.

One of these was the absolute Divine Jolene from Ready to sew.

Now, these guys already make one of my favourite sewing patterns:  The Jude (Its definitely in the top 5 fave patterns of all time).  In total I have made four Judes, one I have worn to death, one was experimental faux leather, the other two are Black and white basics I am yet to blog about.

I felt an affinity with the Jolene as soon as I saw it.  For someone with large breasts, the ruching on the side paired with the flat of the front looked like it could help tone down this area on me.

I had a beautiful light woven fabric in red in the stash.  This particular one was a reject from the bulk buy of fabrics I bought for costumes.  So its not a colour I am used to, or ordinarily would go for. But In attempts of stash busting it pushes me out of my comfort zone.  Plus it being £1.10 a metre meant that even if I didn’t love it, at least it was a wearable Toile.

So How Did It Sew?

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Date Completed: 5th April

Omg, I love this pattern!  I loved sewing it, I loved piecing it all together.  I am just so in love with it on too!

The instructions (as with all ready to sews) are amazing:  Simple and well explained, I love the little drawings/diagrams… and a recommended playlist is always a must.

The fit is perfect for me as a plus size.  I was so worried that the size I went for wouldn’t fit but I am glad I didn’t over size my garment as I usually do.  It is slightly snug on the waist band, but it doesn’t notice with the grouped buttons.

Overall, I love this dress, I have already found some left over fabric from my shirt dress to make a lone sleeve short version.  I feel I need a good basic shirt in my wardrobe to layer up with, and this is perfect.