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Top 10 Patterns – Part 2: 5 – 1

*Continued from part one… If you haven’t read that yet, please check that out here*

5. Megan Nielson – Sudley Dress

I love how when you get a pattern that you know you are going to love and do.  That’s exactly what happened with the Sudley – it was love at first sight.  It’s very much my casual chuck on dress style, I have made this in both heavy red velvet and a soft chiffon fabric, and both give completely different looks.  But one of the reasons it has placed so high is that it is such a current and fashionable pattern.  Something similar will always grace the shelves of the High street shops, but instead of buying into that throw away fashion, I can simply find a fabric I will love and make one from that,  The ones I have made and wear a lot always get compliments, yet its such a simple design.

Also a massive plus it that you can wear it either way, with the tie at the front or the back… perfect for messy me who will definitely drip something down me whilst I am out, so I can just turn it around and hide any stain!!

I have also tried the Darling (blog to follow soon) and I have the Karri ready to go, both from Megan Neilson, so check them out.

4. Sewliberated – School House Tunic

This was one of the first independent patterns I bought, also one of the first PDFs I printed out and made, and I have had a deep love for it ever since.

I was completely sold by this striped version (see pic) I just love everything about this casual look.  Sew liberated themselves have this great earthy, casual vibe.  Where everything thing can be dressed with a chunky knitted cardi, tights and boots in Autumn or made in light feminine lace or florals for the summer.  My favourite I have made so far, is the dark flower stretch denim.  The Tunic length on this is perfect for me as a Dress, (especially since I have short legs) and I am always thinking up ways to try and Hack the front and make it different (I am yet to try rivets and ribbon)

3. Closet Case Patterns –  Kalle Shirt Dress

A recent but a fast favourite.  Its just perfect.  I love all the different options it comes with, the length and collars.  The fit is amazing.  I have made two short sleeve ones, one of which was a present.  And now with the recent release of a sleeve, I am in my element.  I made a black and white version straight away.  This originally was placed lower, but after the sleeve hack came into my life, it went up the list.  Keep an eye out for my future blog post on this one.

2. Ready to Sew –  Jude

The Jude is again another casual that have revolutionised my everyday wardrobe.  I have a small group of these in basic colours that I wear all the time.  I also made one with a silk fabric that I have worn for more special occasions.  This placed so high, purely because the amount I have and the amount I wear them.  Its such a simple yet effective pattern and I would like to hack it to a full sleeve version as we all know I am a full sleeve fiend!

Ready to Sew also get an honorable mention of  the Janis and Jolene, both of which I love (but still only made a few of)

1. Named Clothing – Inari

So my number one is one pattern that rises above the others… Named clothings the Inari.

All Images from Named Clothing Website.

Could it really have been anything else?   How many times have I made this pattern, in many different versions?  And I still want to make more!  I just love it, everthing from the fit to the simple construction,  yet the seams and the rolls sleeves just make it so stylish and current.  From the many of these, my favourite so far is the white one, the structured material is amazing.  But I have several Jersey versions that I live in as part of my everyday wardrobe.


So that is my top 10, is yours similar?  Do you agree?  Do you have any suggestions that you think I might like?

I am going to use the tag #toptensewingpatterns for you to add your own to the debate.

Leave a comment.

And Have Happy New Year from Frock & Sew.  As 2017 comes to an end I hope 2018 brings you all the fabric and patterns and sewing time you could wish for!  

x X x

Pattern Repeat & Hack: School House Tunic, rounded sports skirt

I am very good at storage:  this means that if you open my wardrobe, you will see a perfect capsule wardrobe with a few different trends… but with the hot weather, I have had to get the summer clothes out, and juggle it around.  This is where I remembered how much I love the school house Tunic pattern.  My summer one I made last year has practically been worn to death… I can definitely justify another one.

In an attempt to stash bust I found this fabric;  a grey cross/dot pattern that had a good sized repeat.  It was a narrow width, but more than enough for a schoolhouse with some to spare.

So How Did It Sew?

This is another one of those patterns I could do with my eyes closed… well not closed as that would be dangerous, but you get what I am saying.

This time I used a thick band of elastic on the sleeve, and I think it really adds to the overall effect of the sleeve, almost like a cuff.

The main objective of this to make it slightly different to the others was a tapered sport like skirt.  I rounded in the edges and gave them a small split.  I feel it adds just a slight difference to my other makes.  I really liked how it turned out.


Made By Me – Schoolhouse – 2.0

I have already blogged about one of the SewLiberated schoolhouse tunic I have made way back when in the blog.  I have added some more (nicer) photos of this make to this post, as a little bonus.

One thing I could not get out of my mind was the gorgeous striped version that sew liberated had photographed it in.  I couldn’t find the exact materiel so i settled on a beige-ish grey stripe that was thinner than the photo, in an extremely light seersucker.

So How did it Sew?

Completed: 8th July 2016

The reason why I am now writing about this is because I have worn it so much over the summer and coming up to autumn. It was one of my go to dresses of this year. The seersucker is perfect for this make, its so light and easy to wear.  The make is so simple, and i even went for elasticated cuffs to add a bit more structure to it.
I still love the denim rose one and now it is colder I can wear it to my hearts content:

completed: 28th June

I have considered adding rivets and cord to the front to give it a more hippy/boho/gypsy feel. But as not to ruin this one I will probably make another, maybe in an acid wash black denim.

If you haven’t already got this, get it!  It will become your casual throw on basic.

Pattern Repeat: Inari Tee Dress

Pattern Repeat: Inari Tee

I have a feeling I may make one in every colour. This dress is ridiculously comfortable and looks great, even if you just chuck it on quick with some glasses and a messy bun.

The first attempt was made from a very thin Jersey, as I was in desperate need of some thin clothing for the impending, but delayed, British heat wave.  I have very little suitable and comfortable summer clothing and seem to stock pile items i love, some I have had 3-4 years.  Good basics can be hard to come by, hence my attempt at making them.

The fabric I chose for the second attempt was a thicker, more structured Mid Weight Quilted Cloqué Jersey.  I had purchased this not particularly knowing what to do with it, but knowing I wanted it, from the Textile Centre along with some other bits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please ignore the poesy pics, sometimes it can be a difficult task photographing ones self.  The strange little waving pic is me showing off my skull bangle from Fou Jewellery, as well as my simple skull necklace (both silver)

The dress is more than just an oversized tee, with the structured fabric it feels much more.  The quality is lovely and the stiffness on the sleeves with the band really make them stand out, giving a lovely shape.  I love the white, but it isn’t boring due to the texture.

I have worn this out already, and even though it was hot where i was, the slight thickness of the fabric was not an issue.  And yes, i made it through the day with no spills (i even had a red slush puppy ffs) up until i had an ice cream… then i dripped chocolate down it.  To be fair, that is an achievement for someone as messy as me.

I have already planned to explore Brocade with this pattern, just trying to fins one that has a simple or no pattern that is suitable for my colour pallette.

Added bonus: Photos of my first attempt:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Totally loving my new pink hair, I look like a cross between fluttershy and a jigglypuff!



Made by Me: Sewliberated – Schoolhouse Tunic


Made By Me:  The Sewliberated Schoolhouse Tunic

This is the Picture that made me love this dress.  I just love this look, especially with the boots, its effortless chic and simple.  I have yet to find the exact same/as near as possible fabric as the picture, but i will as it is SEW perfect.

Being so impatient (sew impatient?) and not wanting to wait for the post, I downloaded it and printed it.  I don’t mind the PDF format but I like having a collection of neat patterns in their sleeves, although I do really enjoy pattern piecing together.  Its kind of therapeutic in a methodical kinda of way, like flat packs ( I love flat packs too… people have told me that i am crazy until they need help making one!)

I went for a light denim stretch that I had ordered online, With black and grey tonal flowers.  Yes i am aware that it is summer, but I like having something for the colder days.

This was bought from the textile centre but through their ebay store.  They have a very impressive collection at amazing prices, I have ordered some more that are still to be delivered (again through ebay).



A note about the fit, i measured myself and found that i was just short of the top size.  i panicked and added an inch each side.  I DID NOT NEED THIS.  I ended up cutting it off and just sewing the normal size, with room to spare.  So don’t panic if the same happens to you, maybe test it out with a toile.  Another note on sizing :  I am very short, this dress was the perfect length… taller ladies remember it is a tunic and adjust acordingly.


Here you can see the inch added to the pattern in chalk, it was later cut off)

This is a relatively simple sew, any beginner could pick this up, and it dosn’t look simple when finished, with the pleats and hem.  I found it a complete joy to sew and the instructions have beautiful little hand drawn diagrams that I just adore.

This is the finished product:

I am just in love with it.  I love how the bust is so suited to girls with boobs, and i always wear vests underneath anyway.  The pleats are just divine, and the fabric just skims over any lumps and bumps. I chose the elasticated arms and I think this may be something I will incorporate into other patterns as I love the look on.

Ideally i would pair this with some boots like the girl in the pic, but hey i am trying to force summer on myself with the sandals.  For an even more casual and easier look i would probably chuck it on over a classic black legging.

Overall, i think that i have found a new fave pattern.  Some of my fabric stash that i have tagged for other projects is now being reconsidered for this.  I have a beautiful light cotton paisley print that is begging to be a Schoolhouse tunic.  Its just a matter of time….

If you need more inspo I spent more time that I care to share looking at other peoples on instagram!   I suggest you do the same.


Until the next sew