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Pattern Repeat: The Shirt Dress

Some pattern repeats just need to be made in a basic black.  This was definitely one of them.  As much as I love my first attempt I made in a grey feather fabric, sometimes having something to chuck on in plain black is a lifesaver.

Plus this pattern,  with the detail on the front lends itself well to plain colours and natural fabrics.  Maybe because that is what Merchant and mills are all about.  Check them out here.

For some reason I got it in my head that the bib was interfaced.  I have no idea why I thought this, but i cut it out regardless, and only on the re read of the instructions did I realise I was an idiot!

So How did it sew?

Date Completed:  10th May 2017

As with merchant and mills its always a pleasure to construct.  Quick and simple, But don’t let that fool you, you end up with amazingly structured pieces.

Being short I chopped a bit off the length, and this time round I lengthend the 3/4 length sleeve.  I had decided that if it was wrong, I could happily chop them down to the original length, but I think this is the way forward for me with this pattern.

Having this as a Black Basic is a god send. One thing I love is those single items that you pull on and are ready to go.  No fuss fashion.


Made By Me: I AM Cassiopée

I have previously made an I AM pattern – twice as I loved them so much.  Check them out here.  I love them, and wear them a lot still.

As with all their patterns, they are just effortlessly cool.  And all are extremely wearable and modern, they have that feel of a ready made off the shelf, but with the quality of a me made.

The packaging was amazing, i loved the gold embossed envelope, with a see through side, so the instruction booklet becomes part of the casing.  Although I did love their previous brown envelope patterns, I am happy they have changed and I still like it just as much.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that I would have to trace the pattern,  If I had I probably would have gone for a PDF version;  I like to print of multiples and cut them out, its a kinda long winded lazy way of doing things.  So not only did i wait for the pattern (which wasn’t long at all) I then had to wait for the delivery of my swedish tracing paper!  An error on my part, but a warning if you are reading this prior to buying your own pattern.

On a side note, I get my swedish tracing paper from The Creative Industry,  I have ordered from them a couple of times and had no issue.  I am also eyeing up one of their makers workbooks, altough I think if I bring one more note book into this house my partner might have a heart attack (fabric he’s fine with, notebooks he doesn’t understand)

In the end, it was worth the wait as this basic raglan sleeve dress is a wardrobe staple:

So How did It Sew?

Date Completed:  16th May 2017

From cut to finish, the Cassiopée is a quick sew.  The only long part was the tracing and prep, but that is done once, then all other makes are simply that, just the making.

I did have to shorten it as I am too short.  I measured it and it seemed fine, once on the short legs struck again and I cut a substantial chunck off the bottom.

The fabric was from the cheap shop, and I love it, its so beautiful.  I wish i had bought more, but I feel that I have pushed myself enough recently with pattern (we all know I would live in the safety of black, white and grey plain clothing if I could!)

This pattern came about just after I had made my other simple dress pattern in polka dot.  I feel that this pattern will gladly replace that attempt as a best basic wardrobe staple and my go to casual dress.  Many more shall be made!

Made By Me: Zeyphr

I had been looking for a decent empire waist pattern for a while.  I wanted to draft my own at first, but since the best way to learn is to do, I kept searching for the pattern.

Browsing through the sewing community I spotted this dress from Atelier Scammet.  What I love about their patterns is how neat they look.  And the fact they do beautiful maternity patterns too is amazing ( a market that is catered for well in the Me made community) Check them out.

So How did It Sew?

Date Completed:  10th May 2017

Having invested heavily in a lot of black soft touch from my cheap shop it was the natural choice of a good basic.  And as you can see, it has fitted into my goth summer wardrobe perfectly;  I look like I am off to a coven meeting.  I decided  that although I loved the trim on the cuff detail, for my version I didn’t do that as I needed it to be as plain and basic as possible, and added some cute dome black buttons that I had spare.

I was surprised it was such a great fit, one thing that is always a worry is the boobs, yet the range of sizes fitted me perfectly.

This is one of many basic black items I seem to be making lately.  Keep an eye out for the rest.

My Pattern: Long Summer Kimono

A lot of my makes are inspired by the fabric on which i stumble upon, even if i have a small seed of an idea forming, it usually takes the right fabric to make it so.  This is definitely one of those i stumbled across and fell in love with as it spoke ‘kimono’ to me.

I found this beautiful light chiffon fabric in my fabric shop.  It was two stripes of blue/green pattern on a nude background… the nude was on wither side and through the middle.

I felt this was a very fashion forward fabric.  It could easily be seen in a Topshop or H&M as apposed to a me made.

I had bought quite a few chiffon type fabrics as i really want to make more kimonos, they are something i live in during the hot summer months.

Since I was off to a festival that weekend i really wanted a full length cover up.

So How Did It Sew?

Date Completed: 2nd June 2017

I worked with the fabric on this make.  I removed the peach/nude part and got my width for the bulk with that, sewing the pattern together down what was to be the centre back.  This gave it slightly more structure than just being wrapped in a bulk of fabric, which is something I was aware of it becoming whilst I made this.  It has splits up the side to give it more flow and not just bunch round to the back.

I tapered down the collar, and did a simple folded seam all over, first with the over locker then tucked in with a straight stitch.  I chose the black thread as I liked the contrast with the bits of yellow, white would have looked washed out or dirty.

I really enjoyed just going with the flow of this fabric, and literally laying on it or holding it up against me for measurements.  Its really liberating, but I think you get the best out of the material that way, especially one with such a dominant design.

I ended up wearing it to a day festival, and I loved it.  When you wear a statement pieces like this, you get the luxury of everything else being plain to make it stand out.  Here it is in action:

More to come, I am bound to live in this the whole hot summer!

Made By Me: 90’s Daisy Swing Dress

I have probably mentioned before my love of Motel Rocks –  I based one of my favourite makes on their style;  The Cross Swing Dress.  Using this same pattern I had drafted, I decided to do something I don’t tend to do… like ever….and that was to shorten the sleeves.

This was mainly inspired by the gorgeous fabric I picked up.  It is very light and has a slight stretch.  The pattern is printed on one side and is light on the other.

So How Did it Sew?

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Date Completed: 30th May 2017

I feel this Daisy pattern pops up in a lot in the 90s inspired fashion at the moment.  I did want to add daisy buttons. But I felt that might be daisy overkill and I risk looking like an overgrown toddler.

I love the fit, I did add some darts in the back so it wasn’t as oversized and gave some shape.  The only issue is due to the material being so light, it likes to catch a breeze, definitely one to be wearing with shorts underneath.  I have considered taking in the sides a bit to combat this, but I really don’t want to take too much away from its swing ascetic.

I dressed the look up with my grunge makeup, boots and hat.  I will probably wear this with some form of choker IRL.  The Tights are super cute from Boohoo Plus/Curve.

As for the shorts sleeves, I can honestly say I don’t mind them, in fact I find them more flattering than if I had just done long sleeves as I usually gravitate too.  Maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my arms.

I have a scrap of this left over, I am tempted to make some more cute things with it… and yes maybe with daisy buttons!


Made By Me – The White Shirt Dress

One thing I got quite early on in my sewing is a shirt dress pattern, The McCall’s M6696. I had wanted to copy a Gothic style dress that I had seen online, I thought maybe I could extend the collar and cuffs to make it more similar to the dress.

I attempted this in a purple: It was a disaster, as was the second attempt. Undeterred, i tried one last time.
I really wanted a modern broderie anglais similar to an expensive on i had seen on john lewis. But having ruined this pattern twice already, I went in search for a cheaper alternative, and stumbled across ths one in my cheap shop: it had a more modern feel with its shapes that some of the other, more floral ones, I had seen.

So How Did it Sew?

Completed: 25th August 2016

The make is pretty simple, despite abandoning the last 2 attempts, I felt confident.
I love doing collars, some people hate them but not me. I love the neatness and fiddlyness, then suddenly a beautiful collar emerges.
I spent a lot of time matching the gaps on the yoke, it was the only piece doubled without interfacing, so i felt it had to look perfect.  This is also where I first got to flex my skills on button holes! Its something I now LOVE. Buttons really finish off a piece.

One thing I don’t do is no sleeves, you may notice I always cover my arms, so this was a bit of a brave move for me. I ended up not wearing it, although i do like it, i just felt it was a bit too pretty for where my style is going.

And yes I realise now I had a black bra on under a semi see through dress.  LOL.

I think I will keep this pattern around for future makes, maybe with the narrow skirt option.

Made By Me – Named clothing – Keil0 2.0

I loved my original white burnout Keilo I made. But Maxi dresses are not always practical, especially for me, who tripped and ripped a hole in it. I am not surprised, I wore it SO much over the summer, it was bound to succumb to my clumsiness, (fear not I have fixed it)
So I decided on a shorter one, being the height of summer I went for my second burnout fabric, like the first, from Girl Charlee.  I checked, it is still available, you can find it here.

Now when I do colour, which we all know is quite rare, I tend to make up for my usual lack of it and go all out, brighter than bright. Its like some balance thing. It’s the  same thinking behind my pink hair, it makes up for my lack of colour in my clothes. Allowing me to wear nearly all black without looking too goth.

So How did it Sew?

Completed: 25th July 2016

The fabric is beautiful, I love a good burnout, they add a new dimension to a piece, and what I love is every thing I make with them looks shop bought. Jerseys in general tend to have this feel for me.
This time I extended the ties and at first I did make them TOO long (much too long) and had to chop them down. But I like that I could wrap it round a couple of times, which was lacking in my original.  Again I used the free sleeve hack Named Clothing supply on their site, definitely makes it a more versatile make. I went for 3/4 sleeves again, and I think next time I will go for full (although it was summer when I made this)
For someone my size I find it extremely flattering across the stomach, which is something I struggle to find in a good pattern.  Some patterns can be hacked and adjusted to suit, but its so nice to just have a pattern that works first time.
Over the summer I wore this so much that I had to blog about it, even in winter!  I will definitely be making some more of these come summer, I think I will chop and change it up by making the front and back two different colours, so when i tie it you can see the colour come through.

And don’t forget to check out Named clothing, I have a few more of their patterns to blog about soon.