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Update: Jan/Feb 2018

January came and went, but felt like it took forever, and now February is whizzing by as it’s so short.  As for new year sewing, there has not been much, apart from a few adjustments and a (boring) curtain for my balcony door, and occasionally fannying around with the unfinished pile (and making little progress)

So what has been eating into my valuable sewing time?: Organising all of the things! Literally every cupboard, drawer and box has been re-organised (including my fabrics and patterns) Think Premature spring clean in the lull after Christmas.

My wardrobe has been pulled to pieces as I have forced myself to confront my clothing, and the stored stuff coming into spring, and the stuff that doesn’t fit but I hoard as memories of a different time.  After the streamline, I either donated, Ebayed or scrapped what I removed and I feel better!  Also by doing this I feel I can really focus on where  I want to take my sewing in regards to my style and incorporating trends.

This brings me to my 2018 plans.  I think lace and chiffon need to make a comeback for me, incorporated in a boho-esque casual chic… with a good old dollop of goth.  Basically a laid back easy look with some key pieces, good colours and layers.  I love having light fabric pieces to layer into an outfit and can transcend most seasons dressed up or down.

My #2018makenine saw some great contenders.  Even though six of my choices are dresses (these were already on my to do list or i already have the pattern) Hopefully this year I pull back from the dress makes.  Our community is swamped with them from all angles, instead I would like to focus on the basics, and the pieces that are not so glam, but do the hard slog of a wardrobe.  I also want to be really considerate over my fabric choices to get the best from the patterns.


Untitled-2 copy

1. I am Patterns – Cassiopee 2. Megan Nielsen – Acacia 3. Mimi G – #8392
4. Trend Patterns – 70s Dress 5. Daughters of Style – knit dress 6. Megan Neilson – Karri
7. Dp Studio – Le 604 8. By Hand London – Sabrina 9. Sewliberated – Metamorphic Dress


Also I have made some headway into my blogging.  With the return of the sun in the sky I have managed to photograph everything I have had stored in my drafts section of the blog.  So over the next few weeks you will probably end up seeing most of my December makes roll out, maybe with some edits on what and How i have been wearing them.

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Update: When September Ends…

Another month has flown by again.  September is always a quick one as it is filled with Birthdays (mine included) and other things going on.  The change of season always brings about a reflective period of going forward, new beginnings and preparing for the cold.  This is extremely prevalent in my sewing… all the best laid plans we scrapped as I thought ahead, packing away summer and planning my winter wardrobe.

This year, after many festivals and concerts, I am fully going to embrace my rock chick/grunge queen.  Everything must be able to be worn along side my Dr. Martens and be comfortable.  I have come to the conclusion that pattern and colour are just not for me, so out the window they go, permanently.  It sounds drastic but I am reassessing my imprint: making too many clothes is as bad as a mindless Primark haul.  I need to be more mindful.

I officially moved my Birthday forwards and spent some of my birthday money at the Great British Sewing Bee live.  I really enjoyed it, I wish I had been able to go either Friday or Saturday, but I was busy.  It was nice to say hi to lots of people, and I loved the talk by Esme and Patrick.  Esme is basically who I want to be, she is so apologetically stylish and interesting.  Patrick really impressed me with his passion of Buying British that added a depth to him.  Its nice to see this happening, hopefully he is held up as an example to business moving forward, changing our mindset.

As I write this mini update, I have partially tackled my back log of blog posts for the recent makes.  So watch out for those dotted over October. I will post my To-Do list (lists?)  In the upcoming Insta-posts.  SO make sure you are following me for that.





Update: August 2017

August flies by at such a speed!  The bank holiday is already upon us, and the festival I have been planning for is suddenly Tomorrow.  All the other important events have come and gone.  Despite having Laptop issues (every god damm time I update…) I have been a little quieter on Instagram.  Mainly I have gone to bed and forgot to post.

Its not for the lack of sewing: I have been busy working at a steadier pace than my ‘MAKE ALL THE THINGS’ and enjoying it.  This was the plan, the plan of slowing the makes down and typing them up straight away, but alas, I haven’t even posted a picture of them, let alone type.  Its like they don’t exist.

August makes are:

  • Tie Dye Smock Dress
  • Oversized linen Hi/Low Shirt (white)
  • Black lace insert Dress, complete with hand sewn flower patches.
  • Black Shirt dress – really important piece as its what got me into this sewing lark!  (more in blog as and when)
  • The Burda Dress Nightmare!
  • A lot of mini refashioning projects…

I have managed a fabric haul in which I bought sensible fabrics that can take me into cooler weather, and I have printed off and constructed many new Pdfs.

New skills I have learnt include Re-sizing existing patterns (properly)  And I love it.  I am that weird person who likes the odd jobs, Pdf patterns, Building flat pack furniture, and now measuring 100 times to make things a size bigger!  I had to up the Darling Dress By Meagan Neilsen as my boobs are so big.  Its currently waiting to be finished.

Well, hope you lot have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.  I will see you lot on the other side




Update: NO PHONE

So i had been having a few issues with my phone, but it was still working.  I just haven’t had the time to haul me and the toddler out to get it looked at (plus I know he will scream the minute I have to have an adult conversation, especially when its around an important issue such as getting my phone fixed)  Well, the other day it died… Just before I went to take my pictures, on the only morning I had free.  I was so mad.  I now have my (old) camera on charge in prep for tomorrow, but I know it will be a faff just to get them on the PC, then uploaded… if the quality is okay that is (its an old camera)

I consider myself someone who doesn’t need a phone, having grown up at a time without them and then the basic ones in my teenage years… but I have found without Instagram and my camera at my finger tips, Its really hard to be creative.  I don’t know how the original bloggers did it back in the day, Everything I do is so instant.  And I miss looking at other people and just the inspiration… I have put it on my child’s Kiddy pad (it has a kids only section and an adult home screen so he cant get at it) but its clunky and not the best, plus he wants it as soon as i touch it unless he is asleep.

Basically this is just a rant of my absence  from social media.

On another note, I HAVE DONE LOADS of sewing, and last night (although I couldn’t photograph it) I did 8 alterations on things.  Hems, sleeves AND I recycled three garments into skirts!  This was off the back of me clearing out my wardrobe, mixing the seasons around a bit and really streamlining it to only what I really need.

This brings me on to an issue I have only recently encountered:

What do you do with old Me made clothing?

I am an avid Ebayer.  Having worked in fashion most my life i have accumulated a lot of clothing, plus I like to pass on fast fashion once I am done with it.  What I have now noticed is that some of my makes are just not me, and have not been worn (as do most of my bought clothing)

But do I put those me mades on Ebay? Will I technically be breaking some form of copyright?  All the patterns I have bought do say that they are for personal use and not to be distributed/manufactured (or words to that affect) but should my me mades be treated different because I made them, they are still part of my wardrobe, a wardrobe that changes and evolves with me.  Ebay, I see as a very productive way to recycle.  Yet now my wardrobe may be considered un-recyclable. That kinda goes against the whole idea of me making my clothing as a way to combat consumerism and mass consumption of natural resources.

Its a moral conundrum that I am reaching out into the sewing community for help.

The only thing i can think off to make this sustainable for myself, is maybe doing a fabric swap for a me made swap, I cant be the only person with this issue?

Anyway, its a lot of food for thought and something i am interested in hearing from you guys about.

Anyway, hopefully this random update and rant will get you through the absent of blog content.



Update: December 2016

So, I make videos, organise my blog, get rid of the back log and what happens?   I stop sewing.  Not completely, just not at the pace I have been speeding along at these past few months.  This is solely down to one thing:  Sleep.  I am getting a full nights sleep for the first time in my life.  I honestly don’t think I slept this well since I was a baby. It took a couple of all-nighters to catch up with me and i somehow tricked myself into a new bedtime routine.  Which is great for my well being, not so great for my creativity.

Not only have I drastically reduced my nocturnal sewing activities, December is also busy busy busy.  I am currently away from my sewing space with the little person.  I will be away till Thursday, then we hit a busy weekend.  Thank god I got my Xmas shopping done!

This does not mean that i haven’t thought about sewing.  I have managed to stick a couple of fabric and pattern orders in here and there, plus my note pad is full of ideas and to do lists.

hopefully neck week i may at least have a December plans video knocked out…



Vlog & Mini Update: November Plans

So, here is is, my second video.  Thankfully with a lot less issues than the first… I am learning!


Hope you enjoy it, I do love a ramble about my sewing.

Just a mini- update:

At present I am not sleeping… which is not unusual, but my little sleep I do get has declined and become a lot more random.  This has also affected my sewing (eating and general mood)  and left me concentrating on videos and blogs because that’s all i can do the hours i am awake.  This isn’t a problem as its stuff I need to get through, i would just prefer to sew.

Since filming I have made a start on patterns and cutting. I already feel a lot happier when being creative, and hopefully my body clock can get back on track.

Catch you guys later.